Measure and Track the Accessibility Status of Your PDFs

A typical enterprise may be responsible for creating and managing hundreds or even thousands of PDFs residing on the internet, intranet, internal networks, and personal computers. As these documents go through the various phases of authoring and distribution, managing their accessibility and standards compliance can be a daunting task for management, IT departments, and content authors.

When it comes to testing and maintaining the accessibility of an organization’s PDF holdings, CommonLook Clarity GlobalAccess is the ultimate solution.  CommonLook Clarity can provide your organization a wide range of reports from the very broad overview of your compliance status down to document specific, checkpoint-by-checkpoint evaluations of what needs to be done to a PDF for it to be accessible.  In fact, CommonLook Clarity GlobalAccess uses the proven CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess verification and remediation technology, to guarantee that test results are accurate.

Furthermore, Clarity is fully configurable to meet any “custom” accessibility testing needs of your organization.

Screen shot of a sample Clarity report. Reports are discussed more in depth in the Quick Start Guide Reports page.

Image:  A sample CommonLook Overall Compliance Report.  For more information, visit the Reports page in the Clarity Quick Start Manual.

CommonLook Clarity GlobalAccess will help answer questions like… 

  • How do we measure the compliance level of the PDF content posted throughout our enterprise?
  • How can we track our progress over time?
  • Has our compliance level improved?
  • Where should resources be directed to optimize compliance?
  • Where are we at greatest risk for non-compliance?

CommonLook Clarity GlobalAccess does not replace typical web accessibility solutions that scan HTML/CSS content; it complements these other systems.

No other solution on the market includes CommonLook Clarity’s unique capabilities for enterprise-wide scanning, assessment, and progress-tracking of your PDF accessibility efforts.

Use CommonLook Clarity GlobalAccess with CommonLook Office GlobalAccess and/or CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess for fully integrated PDF accessibility creation, remediation, and management.

Clarity as a Service Subscription

Clarity is now also available as a flexible service subscription.  It’s never been easier to tap into its valuable reports on the compliance status of your PDF assets.

Considerable hard work goes into authoring, verifying, and distributing accessible documents to comply with ADA Title III, WCAG 2.0, Section 508, HHS, PDF/UA or other accessibility standards.  Managing the progress on compliance projects can tie up internal resources, and add more stress.  Why not offload that effort to CommonLook?

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For Our Federal Customers…

Our GSA schedule contract number is GS-35F-0161V. You may download our GSA Catalog from the GSA Advantage website or download the NetCentric Technologies’ VPAT for CommonLook Clarity.