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Product Description

CommonLook® Dynamic offers volume delivery of fully accessible and compliant PDF files generated from live data.
Many enterprise organizations rely on “document on demand” solutions on their websites and portals. Others need to generate documents, such as statements or invoices, periodically. Whether generated on demand or mass-generated, these documents need to be as fully accessible as the static documents published on websites.

PDF documents are common for statements, contracts, invoices, receipts and many other forms of client communication. However, it is often difficult to make these documents compliant with accessibility standards due to complexities of the PDF format. CommonLook Dynamic enables enterprise organizations to generate accessible PDF documents for these automated processes. CommonLook Dynamic provides the accessibility engine to ensure that these generated documents are accessible and can be used by screen readers and other assistive technology.

When traditional document remediation and creation tools won’t work, you can be assured that CommonLook Dynamic can be used for automated document and report production.

CommonLook Dynamic solves the following needs:

  • The enterprise-level solution for producing high-volume fully accessible PDF documents from database systems that comply with accessibility standards such as Section 508, WCAG 2.0, and PDF/UA.
  • Built on the proven and industry-leading CommonLook accessible PDF technology.
  • Support for many types of enterprise systems including mainframes and large-scale database systems.
  • Highly flexible and customizable based on programmable business rules.
  • Works for any environment where data can be extracted from the database (e.g., as XML.)
  • Fast, reliable, and production-ready.

CommonLook Dynamic is the solution for ensuring that PDF files generated by enterprise systems are accessible and meet compliance requirements. Because the solution is unique to each client’s requirements, please contact us for more information.

Create Accessible Receipts, Invoices, Reports and More

Reduce Compliancy Costs With Ease

Instantly Generate Accessible PDFs


Our GSA schedule contract number is GS-35F-0161V. You may download our GSA Catalog from the GSA Advantage website or download CommonLook’s VPAT for CommonLook Clarity.

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