CommonLook professional services ensure the accessibility of electronic documents and forms and we’re designed to assist organizations in meeting Section 508, WCAG 2.o AA, PDF/UA and HHS compliance. With over a decade of experience, we address the real-world implications of an organizational commitment to accessibility.

The Achieve Accessibility Compliance service ensures that PDF documents and forms meet applicable standards as fast as possible. This service often follows a PDF Accessibility Assessment, which delivers accurate, actionable information on the accessibility status of PDF files posted online.

Many organizations prefer to prioritize frequently accessed or highly visible documents in order to manage the costs of compliance. The PDF Accessibility on Demand service makes it easier to demonstrate progress towards accessibility commitments in a cost-effective manner.

We strongly encourage the use of best practices in document production to provide equal access and mitigate legal risk. To this end, we provide training solutions to help organizations understand Section 508 and similar accessibility obligations, develop strategies for maximizing cost-effectiveness and obtain necessary skills with Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and our own CommonLook products.

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