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CommonLook® - the trusted way to develop, remediate, and monitor PDF accessibility

Accessible PDF Document Software 

CommonLook® Clarity tracks PDF status on networks
to accelerate remediation and compliance.

Why CommonLook®?

You can rely on CommonLook® by NetCentric Technologies to achieve Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA, or HHS compliance with PDF and document accessibility standards. Our remediation services and software address every stage of the document lifecycle, quickly and cost-effectively.

Join the thousands of global enterprises, government and small businesses who have trusted us for nearly two decades.  In addition, CommonLook is recognized by the W3C and HHS.

Digital documents are everywhere. We make them accessible to everyone. That’s all we do.

Powerful Accessibility Software

Use our unique automated tools to create, remediate, and manage accessible PDF documents and Microsoft documents, with less effort than ever before.

  • Reduce time and cut compliance costs, while boosting accuracy, throughout the document production cycle.
  • Avoid litigation by ensuring documents are accessible to users with disabilities, prior to distribution.
  • Empower authors and testers to ensure PDF documents comply with accessibility standards.
  • For authoring, accessibility verification, and management of PDF documents and accessibility of document collections.
A screenshot showing a "Domain compliance report", generated by CommonLook Clarity
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Portfolio of Professional Services

Start your verification and remediation project off right by rounding out the team with CommonLook services experts.

  • Follow a proven methodology every step of the way to achieve Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA, or HHS compliance in budget and on-time.
  • Get surprisingly fast delivery, even on high volumes, for accessibility verification, correction, and testing of PDF documents and forms.
  • Achieve the highest standards of accuracy and quality – receive a compliance certificate for each remediated document.
  • Know your compliance project scope and costs up front – we’ll conduct a rapid assessment of the accessibility status of your PDF content.

Trusted everywhere

Learn About our knowledge and experience with Section 508 compliance, including with the US federal government.

Our Customers

Thousands of organizations rely on CommonLook’s services and software to create their accessible PDF and for their document accessibility needs.

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