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Screen-shot of the article previewed on this page.Bloor Research’s Peter Abrahams took at long look at CommonLook in late 2008. Here’s an excerpt from his review. You can read the complete article on IT Director.

…Acrobat is not always capable of ascertaining the correct reading order. [NetCentric’s] logical structure editor allows the page to marked up with the correct order. It will bring together sections of text that Acrobat assumed were in separate columns, or divide a section of text into more than one column where Acrobat assumed that the text read straight across the page. Trying to fix this type of reading order error without CommonLook is very difficult and prone to error.

CommonLook’s Logical Structure Editor also has functions to create and modify tables. Once a table is created, areas of text can be highlighted and dragged into the correct cell. Again this is a task that can only been done by a highly trained expert using Acrobat by itself.

The editor includes a tool to automatically correct common errors such as the last word on one line being concatenated with the first word of the next line. These errors are often difficult to spot by hand and are very tedious to correct.

Abrahams concludes:

I would recommend any organisation that creates significant numbers of PDF documents to incorporate CommonLook for Adobe Acrobat into the publication process.

Read the complete article.

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