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NewView Oklahoma

READable is a ground-level PDF testing and remediation service performed by an integrated workforce of primarily vision-impaired individuals. READable is wholly owned and operated by NewView Oklahoma, the largest employer of people who are blind in the state of Oklahoma. Using CommonLook software, our team uses several screen-reading devices to test and remediate content to meet industry accessibility standards. Our employees have a unique edge, as they are the target users and utilize assistive technology themselves.

Bureau of Internet Accessibility

The Bureau of Internet Accessibility (BoIA) strives to make the Internet accessible to everyone. We offer a suite of services that audit businesses' online presence, identify areas of noncompliance, and make recommendations for how problem areas can be fixed. We also provide ongoing monitoring and support. With 20 years of experience, BoIA has audited more than 60,000 websites in the U.S. and around the world in virtually every industry and field.


Monsido has developed a web governance suite designed to allow web masters to optimize their websites. Beyond simple web accessibility testing, Monsido’s tool set includes Quality Assurance, Web Analytics and Web Accessibility including integration with CommonLook Clarity for PDF Accessibility testing. In addition, the tool provides SEO Auditing, Content Policies, Heartbeat and Performance Measurements. The reporting tools allow you to prioritize your work by fixing the most important issues first. Monsido allows your team to manage all your websites from just one powerful tool.


BackboneAI builds frictionless data networks through intercompany automation, a completely new category of automation. It transforms supplier and customer relationships through real-time data synchronization, fast API connectivity, and third party application and database integration. Based in New York City and founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneur Rob Bailey, BackboneAI helps companies work together more efficiently by automating their intercompany business processes and optimizing communication through technology.


With over 65 years of service and innovation, Municode’s mission is to connect you to your citizens. To do so, they work with their 4,100 municipal clients across the country to create products and solutions that promote transparency, efficiency and that enable you to more effectively serve your staff and your citizens.

Whether it’s through the legal codification process, Municode’s robust suite of online legislative search tools, custom website design, or their online payment portal, their goal is to help you more effectively engage with the citizens in your community.


AccessibilityOz is a web accessibility consultancy with offices in Australia and the United States. AccessibilityOz offers a range of accessibility products and services to companies, non-profits, government agencies, and colleges and universities around the world.

They have developed innovative tools for enhanced web testing and accessibility including OzART, OzWiki and OzPlayer. In addition to that, they have conducted hundreds of audits, remediation, training sessions and seminars in Australia and the United States.


Since 1983 Edsoft has been a leader in the delivery of pioneering elearning tools and solutions. Now part of Campion Education, Australia’s largest textbook and resource provider to schools, they continue to deliver expertise in key areas to support the school community. As the experts in the provision of specialist content software and the development and design of ebook distribution and collaboration solutions, Edsoft is able to provide value to customers.

Quillsoft, Ltd.

Quillsoft is a world leader in software to support reading and writing. Multi-platform WordQ allows you to write in your preferred word processor with contextual word prediction, dynamic topics, speech feedback, proofreading and speech recognition. It incorporates robust vocabularies for expressing yourself appropriately at school (elementary through post-secondary), home and the workplace.

WordQ also includes WordQ PDF, which allows you to read and write on accessible PDFs while accessing the full functionality of WordQ. This is perfect for completing assignments, tests and reports in PDF format. Along with CommonLook, Quillsoft firmly believes that PDFs must comply to accessibility standards from the get-go.

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