AI Cloud 2.0 Partnership

Interested in participating in a groundbreaking pilot program combining CommonLook’s 20 years of expertise and experience and the power of machine learning?

As the leader in PDF creation, remediation, verification and certification, CommonLook continues to push the envelope in PDF accessibility innovation.

CommonLook's latest innovation is a breakthrough that promises to change the game.

CommonLook AI Cloud 2.0 launches a new limited pilot in Q1 2020. A broad release of the solution is scheduled for Q2 2020. As the models advance, the tool will be available to any organization, regardless of the types of documents that need remediation.

Today, CommonLook wants partners who will benefit the most from this groundbreaking technology. This organization requires top quality remediation for a high volume of documents with similar formats.

Specifically, CommonLook is looking for the following partners:

  • Document Remediation Firms and Accessibility Vendors
  • Marketing and Creative Firms
  • Clients in industries with sizable quantities of documents (>10,000) with similar formats
  • Government Agencies
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Healthcare, Financial and Insurance Companies

If you believe your organization meets these requirements, please sign up today for our pilot program and we will contact you soon with more information and next steps.

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CommonLook AI Cloud 2.0 Partnership


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