PDF Automation Partners

Solimar Systems

Solimar provides award-winning workflow software to organizations around the globe that print and digitally produce communications. Their solutions help companies to onboard, make ready, enhance, manage and deliver work across a variety of industries and delivery channels.

Celebrating its 30th year in 2021, Solimar was an early adopter of the PDF format. Their Chemistry™ platform is tightly aligned with PDF standards, making it possible to optimize production workflows for a variety of print and electronic requirements. The Solimar Systems team keeps its fingers on the pulse of changes in both the standards and common use of PDF to keep their solutions current and provide their customers with the most efficient solutions. They are proud to positively impact the CCM industry with solutions for transactional and direct mail printing as well as commercial print and industrial printing. Their software adds value with innovative solutions to common production challenges, such as file optimization, piece-level tracking, and out-of-the-box visibility dashboards for processes and equipment. 

Solimar integrates easily with many types of software and hardware solutions in a print and digital production environment including the CommonLook Automation solutions for ensuring documents are fully accessible and standards-compliant.

Interested in a partnership with CommonLook?

We have four partnership opportunities available for your review.

Remediation Partnerships

We are expanding the Service Provider program to address the needs of smaller partners that could benefit from the use of our remediation tools.

AI Partnership

Interested in participating in a groundbreaking pilot program combining CommonLook’s 20 years of expertise and experience and the power of machine learning?

Become a Reseller

If you want to learn more about our reseller program, please contact us today.

Automation Partnerships

Our partnership program now includes automation partners that facilitate using CommonLook automation solutions within their clients' CCM workflow.