Organizations around the world have embraced CommonLook’s unique software tools to ensure compliance with the leading accessibility standards. Our unparalleled tools help automate the testing, remediation and compliance tracking of documents, to boost efficiency and reduce compliance costs. CommonLook provides critical visibility to support compliance programs, from planning through to monitoring.

CommonLook PDF (formerly PDF GlobalAccess)

When you’re looking for the most functionally rich software to support remediation efforts, you’re looking for CommonLook PDF. Produce the highest quality accessible documents, quickly and efficiently.

Accessible PDF Software
Accessible PDF Software

CommonLook Office

If you want to build truly accessible documents directly from
Microsoft® Office, this is the most effective solution. Get the
essential accessibility add-in for Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

CommonLook Clarity

Do you need to track the compliance of PDFs, and discover areas at risk of non-compliance, to avoid future legal action? Clarity aids management of document accessibility – from authoring through to distribution.

Accessible PDF Software
Accessible PDF Software

CommonLook Dynamic

Does your enterprise want to ensure its on-demand and mass-generated documents are accessible to all people? Dynamic smoothly injects accessibility into high volume document production and distribution.

CommonLook PDF Validator

Automatically verify your PDF document compliance quickly and accurately. Unlike alternatives, you can test against all the leading standards, and receive a compliance report for each document.

Accessible PDF Software

Our Customers

Thousands of organizations rely on CommonLook’s services and software for their PDF and document accessibility needs.  Shouldn’t you?
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