PDF Accessibility Software

PDF and Web Accessibility Software

Organizations around the world have embraced CommonLook’s unique pdf accessibility software tools to ensure compliance with the leading standards. Our unparalleled solutions help automate the testing, remediation and compliance tracking of documents, to boost efficiency and reduce compliance costs. CommonLook provides critical visibility to support compliance programs, from planning through to monitoring.

Which solution is best for you?

Free PDF Accessibility Checker

Test and validate documents against the leading accessibility standards

 Provides users with a certification report for each tested document

Professional Remediation Software

Accessibility plug-in for Adobe Acrobat

Supports authoritative accessibility standards: PDF/UA, WCAG 2.0 AA, Section 508 and HHS

Create accessible PDFs from Word and PowerPoint

Provide vital accessibility information before generating PDF file

Accessible table formatting for complex tables

Measure and Track the Accessibility Status of PDFs

Manage standards-compliant PDF files on websites, intranets and internal networks. Complements other solutions.

Generate accessible PDF files from high volume print streams

Ideal for “PDF On the Fly” applications

Flexibility and customization based on programmable business rules

Improves Speed and Accuracy of PDF Remediation Services

Cloud-based solutions that allows organizations to remediate large volumes of PDFs for much less than the cost of traditional manual remediation

Enhanced Web Governance and Website Accessibility Compliance Tools

Monsido, a leader in web governance solutions, and CommonLook have teamed up to test both accessibility of PDFs and websites

Accessibility Software Comparison Chart

Your GoalDescriptionPDF ValidatorCL PDFCL DynamicCL ClarityCL OfficeCL AI CloudMonsido Web Scanning Tool
AffordabilityFree tool for all.
Adobe Acrobat IntegrationAdobe Acrobat Plugin
Verify and Validate PDF AccessibilityTests and validates documents against the leading accessibility standards.
Find PDF Accessibility Errors and Fix ThemEnables teams to rapidly test, repair and report on accessible PDF documents. A must-have for remediators.
On-Demand PDF AccessibilityA customizable accessibility solution for enterprises which are generating high document volumes.
Measure, Monitor & Track AccessibilityProvides compliance, remediation, and communications teams with the visibility they need to manage document accessibility from authoring through to distribution.
Accessibility for Word and PowerPointSimplifies the creation of accessible PDF documents directly from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint sources.
Remediation Using Machine LearningImproves speed and accuracy of PDF remediation services while learning from your existing documents.
Website Scanning ToolIdentifies and monitors website accessibility issues.


CommonLook’s patent-pending software - which makes document remediation 20 to 30 times faster for document remediation - is available to all federal, local, state, commercial, private agencies and companies that want to remediate their own internal documents within the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

*CommonLook's standard licensing terms do not allow remediation of third party documents. CommonLook may allow remediation companies to use CommonLook's software to remediate third party documents under special licensing arrangements.