CommonLook Clarity

Measure and Track the Accessibility Status of PDF DOCUMENTS

With vast numbers of PDF documents stored on websites, networks and computers, organizations are challenged with keeping tabs on accessibility standards compliance. CommonLook Clarity enables teams to test and maintain the accessibility of an organization’s PDF resources.

Manage Compliance with Confidence

Clarity complements other accessibility solutions which scan HTML/CSS content, to comply with ADA Title III, WCAG 2.0, Section 508, HHS, PDF/UA or other accessibility standards.

How to be compliant with accessibility standards

  • Measure and track the accessibility status of PDFs
  • Monitor the compliance level of all digital PDF content
  • Remediate documents according to priority
  • Fully configurable to meet specific testing requirements

Track PDFs Through the Entire Cycle

CommonLook Clarity provides compliance, remediation, and communications teams with the visibility they need to manage document accessibility from authoring through to distribution.

  • Proactively monitor accessibility project progress
  • Allocate resources to optimize compliance
  • Identify documents verified using CommonLook PDF and CommonLook Office

Actionable Reporting

Clarity reports boost visibility on compliance status to help teams make smarter, faster decisions. Evaluate any PDF, and identify and fix issues to make it accessible.

How to avoid accessibility lawsuits for non-compliance

  • Determine areas at risk of non-compliance, and avoid the possibility of legal action
  • Support the continuous assessment and demonstration of compliance
  • Learn the status of compliance projects early and take action faster
  • Track compliant files over time with a unique history report
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