Document Accessibility Solution for Higher Education

CommonLook’s Campus 101 is a comprehensive bundle of software and services, that enables organizations to accelerate document accessibility programs. It was designed through our extensive experience working with leading higher education institutions.

Addressing the Challenge of Accessibility

An effective document accessibility program ensures that all students, staff, and faculty have equal access to information and opportunities. Newsletters, grades, assignments, guides and other documents should be properly tagged and structured with accessibility in mind.

Unfortunately, institutions frequently lack the proficiency, and accessibility resources necessary to comply with the standards. Campus 101 can aid teams tremendously, as they start, and grow their document accessibility programs.

Tools & Programs | Document Accessibility
Tools & Programs | Document Accessibility

Accelerate Your Accessibility Program

The Campus 101 bundle addresses the education institutions’ pressing need for document accessibility tools and training – at a price that fits their budgets.

  • Licenses for CommonLook’s leading document remediation software, PDF & Office GlobalAccess

  • Responsive support including free software updates, installation assistance, and technical support

  • Comprehensive accessibility scan of all the top priority documents

  • Access to training resources including video tutorials, and question-and-answer sessions

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Tools & Programs | Document Accessibility

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