CommonLook Office GlobalAccess Manuals

 CommonLook Office GlobalAccess

CommonLook Office GlobalAccess for MS Word

Accessibility plugin for Microsoft Word. The user chooses accessibility standard – U.S. Section 508, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), WCAG 2.0, and/or PDF U/A specifications and make accessible PDF files.

CommonLook Office GlobalAccess for MS PowerPoint

Accessibility plugin for Microsoft Powerpoint. Content authors can make tagged, accessible, and accessible compliant PDF. CommonLook Office GlobalAccess also has the option to generate a report to certify that the PDF document meets the chosen accessibility standard.

CommonLook Office

CommonLook Office for Word 1.2

Make accessible PDF files from Microsoft Word that conform to Section 508. It checks for correct reading order and checkpoints for conversion to accessible PDF.

CommonLook Office for PowerPoint 1.2

Make accessible PDF files from Microsoft Powerpoint including forms. CommonLook Office Panel can run a checkpoint at any time to test accessibility as the presentation is written.