CommonLook Office

Version 2.0.9

Release Date: 3/3/2019

New features

  • Adding Update functionality allowing users to update to the latest version of CommonLook Office:
    • Update notification is available to all users.
    • Downloading/Installing is available to subscription, trial and concurrent user licenses.
    • Users may enable/disable checking for updates automatically from CommonLook Office Preferences.
    • Users may manually check for updates using the Check for Updates button on the CommonLook Office ribbon.

Bug Fixes.

  • Resolved an incorrect behavior for Subscription/ trial keys expiring when opening CommonLook Office after multiple uninstalling /reinstalling.
  • Resolved an issue where Header artifacts are marked as Artifacts without specifying the Header subtype.
  • Resolved an issue where Reference tags are created even for external links.

Version 2.0.8

Release Date: 1/15/2019


  • Changed labels in Data Table checkpoints as follows:
    • Invalid Number of column header rows: Change to: Invalid Number of rows that contain column headers.
    • Invalid Number of row header columns: Change to: Invalid Number of columns that contain row headers.

Fixed Issues

  • Add-in is not signed causing it not to be loaded when the policy is not to load unsigned, untrusted add-ins.
  • Incorrect artifacting of table content in certain scenarios.
  • Empty figures issue under certain scenarios.
  • Issues highlighting images in alternative text checkpoints.
  • Content moved from page to page in certain scenarios.
  • Incorrect Table tagging in certain scenarios.
  • Incorrect bounding box calculation issue.
  • Incorrect Paragraph tagging order in certain scenarios.
  • Application could not identify header/footer structure in certain scenarios.
  • Incorrect tagging for Reference tag in certain scenarios.
  • Placement attribute incorrect settings for Figure tags if it’s not in line with text.
  • Placement attribute incorrect settings for Note tag.
  • Alternative text issue for Link tags.
  • Incorrect handling for Images with Links.
  • Incorrect tagging for table tag inside Paragraph tag under a certain scenario.
  • Resolved “Unsupported feature” issue in certain cases.
  • Issues in selecting tables type in Data Table checkpoint.
  • Incorrect linked headers assignment for tables in certain scenarios.
  • Missing background color in a certain scenario.
  • Incorrect tagging of headings in a certain scenario.
  • Incorrect headings style for a specific file.
  • Reader issues for Navigation links checkpoint.
  • Incorrect table caption tagging.
  • Incorrect tag IDs generated.
  • Incorrect help navigation for Data Tables checkpoint.
  • Incorrect cells span values assigned in certain scenarios.
  • Incorrect Form tagging in certain scenarios.
  • Incorrect physical view rendering in certain scenarios.
  • Incorrect text artifact issue.
  • Empty Paragraph tagging for a specific file.
  • Missing alternative text for Links inside TOC tag in certain scenarios.

Release 2.0.7

Enhancements / changes:

  • Changed standards captions in select standard message box.
  • Added cancel button to cancel standard message and abort opening CommonLook Office plug-in.
  • Changed message order after generating pdf.


  • Error while saving report.
  • Graphical issue after generating PDF for specific file.
  • Highlighting ActiveX controls issue.
  • Standards message graphical issue.
  • Alternative text inappropriate behavior in application.
  • Screen reader issue while using Color checkpoint in standards.
  • Figures tagging issue.
  • Forms tagging issue.
  • List tagging issue.
  • Tables not generate properly in specific files.
  • Exception thrown while opening CommonLook Office for specific files.

Release 2.0.6


  • Improved the format of concurrent licensing option in setup and made it consistent with Commonlook PDF.


  • Table of contents missing annotations in certain scenarios.
  • Issues in tagging Reference tag.
  • Issues in tagging Lists
  • Issues in tagging Figures
  • Screen Reader mode switching between enabled / disabled randomly.
  • Issue in saving the report.

Release 2.0.5

Enhancements / changes:

  • Added support for Subscription model.
  • Added Days remaining for the License on the About window.
  • Days remaining License message will only show up when the License has 7 days left or less.


  • Crashes when generating certain files.
  • Formula checkbox incorrect behavior.
  • Linked headers
  • Activation message incorrect notification behavior when user tries to activate new key.
  • Incorrect tag order issues after generating PDF on PowerPoint.

Release 2.0.4

New features:



  • Support generating from SharePoint folders.

Major Fixes:

  • Microsoft Word & PowerPoint tagging order issues.
  • Crashes while generating specific files.
  • Bookmarks issues.
  • Metadata issues.
  • Alternative text issues.
  • Form tagging issues.
  • Formula tagging issues.
  • Caption inside table issues.
  • Text inside Link tag issues.
  • Figure tagging issues.
  • Tagging issues for specific files.
  • Concurrent License key issues.
  • Calculating BBox Failed on some files.
  • Incorrect “Unsupported feature” error for specific files.
  • Other minor issues.

CommonLook Office – New Features

  1. Full support for Section 508, WCAG 2.0 AA, PDF/UA and HHS including:
    • Alternative Description for Links through the Alt attribute for the Link tag (WCAG 2.0) and the Contents attribute (PDF/UA)
    • Detecting/fixing Broken Links (HHS).
    • Specifying Alt or Actual text for Figures (All standards).
    • Support for Vertical/Horizontal linearization of presentation table (All standards).
    • Support for specifying the Summary attribute for tables.
    • Improved support for table Captions.
    • Automatically generate linked headers for Complex tables (HHS)
    • Detecting/fixing table cell content spanning multiple pages (HHS).
    • Detecting/fixing table headers not repeating on all pages (HHS).
    • Detecting/setting document language and changes in language.
    • Automatically detecting/setting the ListNumbering attribute.
  2. Fully accessible Graphical User Interface.
  3. Support for CommonLook GlobalAccess new cloud license server.

Bug Fixes

  1. Improved performance.
  2. Fixed bugs related to layout, colors and tag order.

Release 1.2.3 (CommonLook Office)

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue with locales other than English.

Release 1.2.2 (CommonLook Office)

Resolved Issues

  • Certain images not appearing or are resized.
  • Certain borders not appearing.
  • Unsupported tables.
  • Issues in activation when certain system metrics may not be obtained.
  • Data table editor does not work correctly when .NET extended is not installed.
  • Application doesn’t work in locales other than English.
  • Issue in Linked Headers.
  • Bookmarks are created nested according to their nesting levels (ones corresponding to an H3 are nested inside ones corresponding to H2).

New Features

  • Added a Meta data checkpoint and included Meta data in the generated PDF.

Release 1.2.1 (CommonLook Office)

 New Features

  • CommonLook Office-generated files are now detected by CommonLook PDF 4.2.4 and CommonLook Clarity 4.3.2.
  • Improved documentation, including instructions for Office 2010.
  • Support for Windows 8

 Resolved Issues

  • Rotated images do not display correctly in the generated PDF.
  • Some fonts are replaced even when installed on the machine.
  • Deleting content while going through the Wizard causes exceptions.
  • Some lists are not tagged correctly.
  • Some elements not tagged as figures even though they are marked as Figures and alternative text is provided.
  • Certain WMF objects are not generated correctly.
  • Rotated text not generated or tagged correctly.
  • Some tables fail to generate.
  • Max Text Length for Form Fields is not maintained between verification runs.
  • Wizard hangs while processing documents with hidden form fields.
  • Background color is sometimes generated incorrectly.