Complete Tool for Testing Document Accessibility

PDF Validator combines CommonLooks’s proven PDF technology and feature set into the perfect tool for testing documents against the leading accessibility standards.

Fast PDF Verification – Assured!

Unlike other PDF verification products, PDF Validator provides users with a certification report for each tested document. Communications and compliance specialists can rest assured that their PDFs are compliant with accessibility standards. With other verification products, it’s not uncommon that documents will pass the tests, but still not be accessible and compliant.

  • Verify document compliance automatically

  • Only PDF checker that tests against Section 508, WCAG 2.0 AA, PDF/UA, and HHS standards

  • Customize checkpoints to each standard, to meet organization’s accessibility needs

  • They are great. No complaints. They are easy people with whom to work.

    Tamara Sawyer, Accessibility Coordinator Minnesota Management and Budget

Complete PDF Verification at Your Fingertips

PDF Validator is the most functionally rich PDF testing tool on the market today.

  • Verify documents against Section 508, WCAG 2.0 AA, PDF/UA, and HHS

  • Customize checkpoint configurations to match the organizational needs

  • Change the verification status of any checkpoint (i.e. Passed, Not Applicable, etc.)

  • Test (and revise status of) checkpoints which require manual verification

  • Generate a recognized compliance report for each document

Feature Details

Test Document Properties
  • View and Verify appropriate Metadata including Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Language, and Country
  • Verify that the document will display the Title (not the file name)
  • View and Verify accurate Bookmarks
  • Check that fonts are properly embedded in the document
  • Test that characters in text objects are mapped to Unicode
Verify Proper Tagging
  • View the Tags tree to verify proper tagging and to verify logical reading order
  • Verify proper tag nesting
  • Verify proper use of heading tags
  • Selecting a tag in the Tags tree highlights the content in the PDF
  • Highlighting content in the PDF automatically selects the tag (or shows
  • Tag Properties panel conveniently displays the properties of any tag (alternative text, table summary, tooltip, etc.)
  • Verify and Pass the Alternative text on anytag
  • Selecting an error in the verification results shows the element in the PDF
  • Verify proper role mapping for custom tags
  • Easily view untagged content
  • Test for the presence of empty tags
  • Check for empty tags that contain Alternative text
Lists and Links
  • Test for proper assembly of List and Link tags
  • Test for, and allow the user to verify link tag Alternative text
  • Test for, and allow the user to verify link annotation Contents (PDF/UA)
  • Test for “broken” links
  • Test for proper assembly of Form tags
  • Test for Tooltips
  • Allow the user to verify accuracy of Tooltips
  • Test for table regularity
  • Test for proper assembly of Table tags
  • Test for existence of Table Summaries
  • Allow the user to verify accuracy of Table Summaries

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