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Training's Powerful New Tool

Our world-class training just got better.

We are thrilled to introduce a new way to learn CommonLook PDF and master your PDF accessibility skills. Our goal is to provide a better user experience for our software customers, by making it easier to learn CommonLook PDF.

In addition to our other forms of training, we are now offering modules that are always on and can be accessed at any time.

Watch or listen to these self-paced modules whenever and wherever you want.

How Do You Get the Modules?

You must purchase our software to get the modules since they are in-depth tutorials specific to our software. For example, with each license of CommonLook PDF, you have the option to purchase all the modules for CommonLook PDF in one module package (they are not priced separately). Modules cost 10% of the software purchase price.

New customers can opt to include the modules in their software quote; no need to purchase each module separately because all of that software's modules are included.

Existing customers, please contact your account executive for details on accessing the modules.

Both new and existing customers can request training through our training request form.

More modules are coming, so get started today by contacting us to request access

10 Benefits of Module-Based Training

  1. Self-Paced. Learn at your own speed.
  2. Easy to Follow. In comparison, in a live trainer-led class, the client is trying to look at their trainer’s screen, their *own* screen, take notes, and do the exercises simultaneously.
  3. Rewind and Revisit. Refer to your modules anytime you want, like when you are working on your own documents in the future.
  4. More In-Depth. We do a deeper dive in modules because we are not constrained by an eight-hour class.
  5. Additional Content. More information and different scenarios are explored.
  6. Organized Logically. For example, in live classes, we teach simple data tables and then in the advanced class we go into complex tables. Modules are created by subject to learn basic to advanced lessons on tables all in one place.
  7. Self-scheduled. Learn on your own time.
  8. Always Available. No sell-out or blackout dates.
  9. Flexible Learning. Accommodates different learning styles.
  10. Accessible Content. All content is captioned and accessible. 

Available Self-Paced Modules


CommonLook PDF
Self-Paced Modules

Links to Module Descriptions Below:

Module A
Why Are We Here?

Module B
Finding Your Way Around CommonLook

Module C

Module D
Reading Order, Converting/Creating Tags, and Verification

Module E
Images and Graphical Elements

Module F

Module G

Module H

Module I
Fillable Forms

Module J
Table of Contents

Module K
Footnotes and Endnotes

commonlook office product box

CommonLook Office
Self-Paced Modules

Links to Module Description Below:

CommonLook Office Basics in Word

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Our Modules Package

Modules are not priced individually. When you buy our software, you can opt to purchase all the modules for that software in one modules package.

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