AI Cloud: Could it Change Everything in Accessibility?

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Throughout various industries, the latest discussions in technology are focused on AI and Machine Learning and for good reason. This ground-breaking, disruptor technology is already weaving itself into the fabric of our personal and business lives, and its impact will only increase in the years to come.

AI Accessibility Breakthroughs

The same is true in the digital accessibility field as predictions become reality. AI can make technology more accessible to everyone. Here are just a few examples of recently announced advances:

  • Alternative text for images is a common problem with web content. Google has recently announced their Google Cloud Vision API that uses neural networks to identify images.
  • Microsoft has released their Translator App that will translate audio into captions using AI technology.
  • NVIDIA has been developing a system to convert American Sign Language into words that are displayed on a video screen. The goal is to build a tool used by someone with hearing to easily communicate with someone who is deaf without the need for an interpreter.

AI and Accessibility for All

Obviously, AI is already improving digital accessibility. As machine learning technology matures and comes into its own, we will see astonishing advancements that will help level the playing field and ensure that digital information is truly accessible to all.

CommonLook recognizes the benefits of artificial intelligence and is already implementing our proprietary and patent-pending AI technology to improve the document accessibility process.

Today, document accessibility is a manual process that requires visual verification of many of the WCAG checkpoints to confirm:

  • Alt-Text accurately describes visual images
  • Color is not the only means to convey information
  • Correct reading order
  • And many more

Remediation using Adobe Acrobat Professional alone is especially time-consuming, since their accessibility checker does not test against standards such as WCAG 2.0 AA or PDF/UA. CommonLook PDF provides wizards in the tool that can fix many document accessibility issues to save time and improve accuracy. To get a better idea of the differences between CommonLook PDF and Adobe Acrobat Pro, we have built this comparison chart.

Automation in Accessibility: What’s Next?

The next step in automation is a tool that “learns” from properly remediated sample documents. This dream tool not only produces results based on the patterns from correctly-tagged documents, but it also applies document accessibility best practices to the tagging to ensure compliant results. CommonLook AI Cloud has been developed to meet that goal and is now available for organizations that are ready to test the future of document remediation.

AI Cloud Pilot Program

modern graphic showing ai concept by displaying a brain channeling information from a technology source

CommonLook AI Cloud is currently being piloted by select customers and is ideal for an organization that needs to remediate a large number of similar documents. The technology allows our customers to upload large batches of documents into our Cloud based service, making it ideal for large remediation projects. The tools streamline the process of remediating these documents. Once the tool is “taught” using a database developed by CommonLook and the client’s documents, our machine learning tool will scan each document, properly tag the content and insert alt-text. The result is fully compliant documents that 100% meet the standards you require including WCAG 2.0 AA, Section 508, HHS and PDF/UA. The more documents scanned using the technology, the more the tool will expand in power and accuracy. CommonLook AI Cloud is unique from its competitors because it combines the power of machine learning with CommonLook’s 20 years of PDF document accessibility knowledge and experience. That’s why we can provide the most accurate and fully guaranteed results available in the industry.

CommonLook: The Future of AI in Accessibility

As AI and Machine Learning technology continue to advance, the accessibility industry and more importantly, the users of the technology, will benefit. CommonLook will do our part as we work to expand CommonLook AI Cloud to include a family of tools to improve document accessibility. Our goal is to make it faster and easier to ensure documents are accessible so that everyone can benefit. For more information on CommonLook AI Cloud, please fill out this form and we would be happy to see if your organization would be a good candidate for the pilot program.