Release 4.3.3: Performance and Reporting Enhancements

New Features

  • Discovered PDFs report (per domain).
  • Added Verification Date field in the following reports: Summary Document Compliance Status Report, Active Report, Automated Status Report and Detailed File Status Report.
  • Added Progress Monitor for discovery and verification.
  • Improved performance of discovery and verification.
  • Improved performance of Data Table validation for very large tables.
  • Improved performance of report generation.
  • New, more flexible licensing model.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issues when certain documents could not be open and hence would appear as corrupt.
  • Resolved issue when Clarity would timeout trying to download a large file.
  • Reduced the possibility of running out of memory while verifying files.
  • Resolved an issue when URLs are not encoded correctly (from the source) and include an apostrophe.
  • Resolved issues in generating reports and deleting domains for very large domains.