Accessibility Plugin for Acrobat
Accessibility Plugin for Acrobat

Product Description

Driven by our customers’ needs and evolving global accessibility standards, CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess builds on the strengths of its predecessor, CommonLook PDF, to be the professional’s choice for PDF accessibility remediation. The comprehensive standards support of WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA and Section 508, HHS, and more, makes CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess the most comprehensive PDF document accessibility remediation tool available. Recognized in the W3C’s PDF Techniques for WCAG 2.0, CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess is loaded with powerful tools and new features to speed and standardize remediation work. Used together in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat, CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess greatly simplifies and accelerates tedious remediation tasks and superimposes structure and methodology over the remediation process to ensure compliance with established accessibility standards.

Beyond efficiency enhancements, CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess includes many power tools and features, support for new standards, and more extensive standards-based reporting.


  • Far faster and more efficient than using Adobe Acrobat alone for PDF accessibility work.
  • Methodically ensures conformance with WCAG 2.0 AA, PDF/UA-1, Section 508, and HHS accessibility standards.
  • Supports structural validation based on ISO 32000-1:2008.
  • Supports documents with structure spanning multiple pages and structure that moves between pages (newspaper-style articles).
  • Powerful, time-saving tools for tags search, manipulation, merge, and conversion.
  • Powerful, time-saving tools for table accessibility, list accessibility, and table of contents.
  • Allows users to verify and correct tagging order and semantics in a dedicated, auditable workflow.
  • Alerts user to correct structuring of tables, lists, and tables of contents.
  • Automatically detects and repairs a variety of common problems in PDF files.
  • Dramatically reduces the time required to correct existing PDF documents.
  • Output PDF files are verified by the software or the operator, as appropriate to each checkpoint.
  • Generates a checkpoint-by-checkpoint, element-by-element report accepted by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other Federal agencies.
  • Extensive reporting including the Matterhorn Protocol.
  • Support for automatic Bookmark-generation (based on heading levels).

System Requirements

CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess requires the following:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP.
  • PDF Editor: Adobe Acrobat ® Professional 6.0 or later, including Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Internet Browser: Windows Internet Explorer 7 or later is also required.


Our GSA schedule contract number is GS-35F-0161V. You may download our GSA Catalog from the GSA Advantage website or download the NetCentric Technologies’ VPAT for CommonLook Clarity.