CommonLook PDF (v.5.6.1)

Release Date:  10/22/2018


  • Changed the layout of the window used for message boxes in CommonLook.
  • Fixed spacing in the Pagination options window (when running Windows® 7).
  • Changed Structural to ISO 32000-1:2008 in the Checkpoint Configurations panel.
  • Changed the wording of the “failed” message for PDF/UA -> 7.2 Headings -> Mixed Headings description.
  • Changed the wording of the “user verification” message for PDF/UA->7.3 Graphics->Alt Vs. Actual Text and PDF/UA->7.7 Mathematical Expressions->Formula Appropriate Alternative Representations.
  • Changed the wording for the message at the end of Find and Replace.
  • Changed the wording for the Fix Wizard when data tables are missing column/row headers.
  • Reorganized shortcuts when the selected tag is a Table Row, Table Data Cell or Table Header Cell.
  • Added a Tag properties icon in the Operations ribbon.

Fixed issues:

  • Fixed an issue in incorrect checking/unchecking of Section 508, WCAG 2.0, HHS and HHS 2018 compliant checkboxes in Metadata Panel when saving a report.
  • Fixed an issue in the Individual Parents function.
  • Fixed an issue in HHS 2018 -> Section C -> C3 Understandable Links, where the checkpoint complained about TOC leaders not being tagged.
  • Fixed an issue in HHS 2018- > Section I – I1 Nonstandard glyphs where the checkpoint complained about bullets in list labels.
  • Fixed an issue in HHS 2018- > Section C – C1 Tagging links where the checkpoint complained about XObjects tagged in a Figure tag in specific PDF files format.
  • Fixed an HHS 2018 standard issue in Section A – A11 Text correctly formatted when using the “add word to dictionary” feature in the Fix Wizard.
  • Fixed an issue in the Fix Wizard when the Link Annotation Destination fails in ISO 32000-1:2008.
  • Fixed accessibility shortcuts across the application ribbons.
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior issue in the Pagination Artifact function.
  • Fixed an issue in HHS->2.2 Logical Bookmarks and HHS 2018->A6 Accurate Bookmarks when heading tags use the ReverseChars tags in Right-to-Left languages.
  • Fixed an issue when Form and Link tags use the ReverseChars in Right-to-Left languages and suggesting Alt text and tooltip in the Fix Wizard.
  • Fixed an issue in the Table Editor panel when Table Data Cells and Table Header Cells use the ReverseChars in Right-to-Left languages.
  • Fixed an issue in the Table Editor Panel regarding changing order of the elements within table cells.
  • Fixed an issue in Generating Lists, Tables and TOCs when the last selected element is deleted.
  • Fixed an “exception thrown” issue when generating Lists for specific scenario.
  • Fixed a “Select all” issue in the Results panel.
  • Fixed an exception when tagging an annotation in a specific scenario.
  • Fixed a “Search Up” issue in Find and Replace.
  • Fixed an Integrity Validator issue in which it did not handle partially created name trees.

CommonLook PDF (v.5.6)


  • Redesigned the Search panel to enable the user to use the modern query search options. Now, users can use rules within search groups in order to get more accurate and specialized search results.
  • Added the new feature: Expand tags without expanding Text elements.
  • Added “Expand tag(s)” function in tag context menu and in the Operations tab in the ribbon to enable the user to expand the tags without expanding the text elements, please check the shortcut in the table below.


  • Re-arranged the checkpoints according to the correct numbering order in PDF/UA 1.0 (ISO 14289-1).
  • Improved the link target suggestions for fixing Link Destinations checkpoints issues.
  • Added “reset” button in replace tab inside the Find and Replace panel.
  • Added shortcuts for the following functions:
Function Name Shortcut
Show table editor CTRL+SHIFT+F1
Copy content (to actual-text) CTRL+SHIFT+F2
Copy content (to alt-text) CTRL+SHIFT+F3
Calculate bounding box CTRL+SHIFT+F4
Tag similar CTRL+SHIFT+F5
Artifact leaders CTRL+SHIFT+F6
Flatten tags CTRL+SHIFT+F7
Artifact all images CTRL+SHIFT+F8
Remove role maps CTRL+SHIFT+F9
One-level linked header CTRL+SHIFT+F10
Recursive linked headers CTRL+SHIFT+F11
Create a document tag CTRL+SHIFT+F12
Expand tags without expanding Text elements CTRL+SHIFT+ Plus
Create tag as sibling before CTRL+ F10
Create tag as sibling after CTRL + F11

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed “black panel” issue associated with Acrobat DC update 2019.008.20071.
  • Fixed level up tag issues.
  • Fixed inconsistency issues between Checkpoints configurations and Standards panels.
  • Fixed an issue with Pagination so it can be used by selecting elements from the Tags tree.
  • Fixed an issue in searching for role mapped tags.
  • Fixed a crash in a specific scenario when a user uses Reset panels.
  • Fixed an incorrect order when loading linked headers in table cells.
  • Fixed an issue in table properties shortcut in the Operations tab.
  • Fixed a crash issue in the Integrity Validator for specific corrupt documents.
  • Fixed an issue in Find and Replace results when using add replacement text function.
  • Fixed an exception issue when a user provides a very large text in “Find what” using Find and Replace.
  • Fixed a graphical issue for the Preferences panel in Windows 7.
  • Fixed an issue in selecting “Name destination” in Annotation properties.
  • Fixed an issue in “Replace by Alt-text” in Find and Replace.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Status” button in the results panel.
  • Fixed an issue in the Integrity Validator and Annotations.
  • Fixed an issue that caused losing focus.
  • Fixed an issue in an exception being thrown when renaming a Named Destinations in certain scenarios.

CommonLook PDF (v.5.5)


  • Added support for Named Destinations including Create, Edit and Delete.
  • Added support for the New HHS (2018 regulations) Standard.


  • Added the option in the user preferences whether to include the text in selected tags in Find/Replace when clicking Ctrl + F
  • Integrity validator now notifies the user about protected files.
  • Matching version number of CLGA in the application and Windows Control Panel.
  • First page is now displayed in Link targets and Bookmark targets as Page 1 instead of Page 0.
  • Tweaked scroll bars in application panes.
  • Clean table function now called “Table full cleanup”.
  • In Standards pane, the “Full” button will reset the changes made manually by the user, a prompt confirmation message should appear when the user uses the function when results exist in the results pane.
  • In Standards pane, the “Incremental” button will generate a report and keep the changes made manually by the user.
  • To avoid application hanging, now the user is limited to 10,000 characters when using the Find and Replace function.
  • Changed the message when custom tag or mapped to fields is empty to “Role Map for “ “ is missing, please provide value for the mapped to field.”
  • Added a Reset button in the Search tags and the Find and Replace panels to reset all selected options.


  • Fixed various issues in Generate List.
  • Fixed an issue in search tags (child tag) criteria.
  • Fixed an issue in search tags using Font Subtype property.
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior in Font option in Search Tags pane.
  • Fixed an issue in search criteria.
  • Fixed a graphical issue in the Search pane.
  • Fixed an issue for incorrect results using containing text in search tags pane.
  • Fixed an issue in Link annotations when select target as a local link.
  • Fixed an issue in tagging link annotations.
  • Fixed an issue in expanding TR / TH tags automatically.
  • Fixed graphical issues in the About window.
  • Fixed an Issue in the Link Destination checkpoint in IS 32000-1:2008 – incorrect result.
  • Fixed an issue in Bookmarks.
  • Fixed an issue in saving files.
  • Fixed an issue in Tag Similar.
  • Fixed an issue when undoing Linearizing tables horizontally / vertically.
  • Fixed an issue when undoing “Level up children of a tag”.
  • Fixed an issue in table editor (for undo/redo functions).
  • Fixed a refresh issue in the Properties pane after saving.
  • Fixed an issue when undoing Find and Replace function actions.
  • Fixed a Find and Replace issue using Font Subtype property.
  • Fixed an issue in selecting text-runs when using the Find and Replace function.
  • Fixed a Find and Replace > whole words only enable / disable behavior.
  • Fixed an issue in searching for text using Styles (Bold and Italic).
  • Fixed issues in moving tags using Ctrl + Shift + Up / Down keys.
  • Fixed issues in tagging annotations when the label text is untagged.
  • Fixed a hanging issue when validating specific files.
  • Fixed an issue when loading documents with text using certain color spaces.
  • Fixed a crashing issue when you change Row / Column headers in fix wizard.
  • Fixed a saving issue in pagination properties.
  • Fixed a mismatch issue between heading text and its corresponding bookmark element.
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior when setting a new role map to the default tag in the drop-down box.
  • Fixed Standard compliant check issue in Metadata.
  • Fixed Zoom issues for annotation local link targeting.
  • Fixed Name action issues in the Fix Wizard.

CommonLook PDF (v.5.4)

Enhancements / changes:

  • Added support for Subscription model.
  • Added Days remaining for the License on the About window.
  • Days remaining License message will only show up when the License has 7 days left or less.

CommonLook PDF (v.5.3)

New features:

  • Highlight color: now users can change the color of highlight for physical view elements. You can find the feature in Settings > Highlight color.
  • Recall button: Recall the last selection.
  • Insert Cells button in the Table editor: Users can insert multiple cells before or after the selected cell.
  • Add Headers Recursively in the Table editor: Users may choose to create linked headers in multi-level header tables based on assigned scope so that the Headers array contains all headers applicable to the cell


  • In Properties, Alt text, Actual text, Expansion, Language, and Summary checkboxes will be unchecked automatically if text fields are empty.
  • Adding TBody, THead, and TFoot to Flatten tags.
  • Change the status from the report context menu (this can be done by right-clicking on a checkpoint on the report and select “Change status.”
  • In Status, “Not Tested” status option is no longer available.
  • In the fix wizard, if the user selects “Default Value”, the “P” tag will be selected by default, if the user checks “Current Value”, the P tag will remain until the user changes it to another tag type.
  • Adding new icons for:
    • Single page view.
    • Single page scrolling.
    • Two pages view.
    • Two pages scrolling.
  • Role map: If the user adds a role map tag for headings, and tables, the custom tag will wear the appropriate icon in the tag tree, if the user removes the role map, the tag will remain with the custom name & revert to the tag classic icon.

Major Fixes:

  • Fixed crashes for specific files.
  • Fixed issues in Artifact Leaders function.
  • Fixed issues in Find and Replace function.
  • Fixed wording issues for various checkpoint descriptions in different standards.
  • Fixed Remove Linked Headers issues in Table Editor.
  • Fixed Fix Wizard for Reference tags.
  • Fixed Fix Wizard for tagging untagged Annotations.
  • Fixed Failed message for Unknown Annotations tagged incorrectly.
  • Fixed tag nesting rules checkpoint for tags nested immediately under the Tags root.
  • Fixed issues in Undo operations.
  • Fixed an exception when dragging and dropping Bookmarks in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed an exception when creating a pagination artifact, performing a quick save, and then, while the properties panel is still open, changing the type of artifact and saving.
  • Fixed an exception when selecting the Tags root, then clicking (CTRL + SHIFT + Down Arrow).
  • Other minor fixes.

CommonLook PDF (v.5.2)

Enhancements/New Features:

  1. Support for the new CommonLook GlobalAccess Licensing Server.
  2. Added a new checkpoint under PDF/UA to check for the placement attribute.
  3. Improve performance of searching for text given a Font Name.
  4. Show the number of affected elements for batch commands.
  5. Affected elements in the following operations now appear sorted according to their position in the tags tree:
    1. Individual parents.
    2. Create as sibling.
    3. Create as child.
    4. Find & Replace. (Replace all).
    5. Tag annotations
  6. Added an option to ignore alternate text in Find and Replace.
  7. Added a changing order shortcut keys (Ctrl+shift + up/down) for changing the order of linked headers in the table editor.
  8. Add the option to search for text given also the font subtype.
  9. When a font is failed by a validator, highlight all Text Runs using this font.
  10. Added a new entry in the Checkpoint Configuration for HHS 5.8 Cell Content called Custom message. This should be displayed in the comment for the checkpoint result if one is provided. Otherwise, the comment should contain the page numbers which the cell spans.
  11. Improved support for Screen Readers.

Resolved Bugs:

  1. Shortcuts not working in Table Editor when invoked from the Fix Wizard.
  2. Issues in Remove Role Maps.
  3. Shortcut for creating new Role Map doesn’t work
  4. No results are shown for some tables when running some table checkpoints.
  5. Issue in converting some TDs to THs from the Table Editor.
  6. Undoing automatic Linked Headers assignment is done on a cell by cell basis (as opposed to as a batch)
  7. Issues in Link targets for local links.
  8. Issues in Creating Bookmarks and reordering them.
  9. Validator fails Spans and References being nested inside Form tags.
  10. Validator fails ReversedChars inside Form tags.
  11. Validator fails Form tags inside Heading tags.
  12. Validator fails Index tags inside Reference tags.
  13. Validator fails Figures inside Form tags.
  14. Some redirected links appear as broken when checking for broken links.
  15. Validator complains when nested tables contain Captions.
  16. In searching for text by font names, some fonts are not listed in the font names. In addition, some font names are cut-off.
  17. Role-map Validator does not fail H7 and up when not role-mapped.
  18. Validator does not detect unembedded fonts used only in Artifacts.
  19. Issues in table linearization.
  20. Changing linked headers sometimes does not enable Save.
  21. The Regularity validator sometimes fails silently and no status is shown.
  22. The Table Summary validator sometimes fails silently and no status is shown.
  23. The Role Maps – Appropriate semantics validator sometimes fails silently and no status is shown.

Using the Fix Wizard on the Optional Content could cause Acrobat to crash.

CommonLook PDF (v.5.0)

CommonLook PDF has been completely revamped with a whole new (and more intuitive) interface and powerful tools and functionality to increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy!

  • Completely redesigned graphical user interface supporting documents with structure spanning multiple consecutive pages and structure that moves between pages (newspaper-style articles).
  • Validate document’s structural integrity before opening the document in CommonLook virtually eliminating document corruption warning and unsuccessful applies.
  • New selection tool supporting multi-pages.
  • All operations are undoable.
  • Support for Unicode documents and multiple languages.
  • Z-order is always maintained. No corruption of the physical view could result from working with CommonLook.
  • Dramatically improved load, validation and saving times.
  • Support for validation against the following standards:
    1. Section 508,
    2. WCAG 2.0,
    3. PDF/UA 1.0,
    4. HHS,
    5. Structural validation based on ISO 32000-1:2008.
  • Intelligent Fix Wizard to assist in fixing failures/warnings.
  • Intelligent “Tag Annotations” functionality to tag untagged annotations in the correct reading order, using the correct tags and associating them with the correct content.
  • Extensive reporting including the Matterhorn Protocol.
  • Support for automatic Bookmark-generation (based on heading levels).
  • View/Edit Role Maps.
  • Remove Role maps functionality to convert custom tag types to standard tag types.
  • Flatten tags functionality removes all grouping elements (Document, Part, Art, Sect., and Div).
  • Artifact all Images feature for cases when the document only contains images used for decorative purposes.
  • Support for more attributes including:
    1. Table Summary,
    2. Link targets,
    3. Tag title,
    4. ID,
    5. IsMap,
    6. Form field names,
    7. ListNumbering,
    8. PrintField attributes,
    9. All Languages supported by the PDF Standard (ISO 639-1),
    10. All countries supported by the PDF Standard (ISO 3166),
    11. Artifact type, subtype, and attachment.
  • Support for metadata including:
    1. Title,
    2. Author,
    3. Subject,
    4. Keywords,
    5. Display Document Title,
    6. Document Language and Country.
  • Support for quality validation including:
    1. Broken Links (local links and hyperlinks),
    2. Valid annotation actions,
    3. Empty tags,
    4. Empty tags with alternative text.
  • Searching for tags by type, Parent type and/or child type and attribute values. Perform operations on search results (Merge, Convert, Untag … etc.).
  • Linearizing tables vertically and horizontally.
  • Splitting Text Runs from within CommonLook.
  • Search and Replace Symbols and text functionality (without changing the physical view), splitting text runs if necessary. Search and Replace include options to:
    1. Match case,
    2. Match using regular expressions,
    3. Match using Wildcards,
    4. Match using font name, style, size, and color,
    5. Match only within selected tags,
    6. Match only for a page range,
    7. Add text before/after the found text,
    8. Exclude characters from replacement text.
  • Ability to merge any number of tags of any types.
  • Merging table rows or table columns.
  • Conversion from any tag type to another.
  • Expanded selection modes.
  • New “Tag Similar” feature.
  • Improved cleanup feature (per document as opposed to per page).
  • Checkpoints customizable via checkpoint properties. Also, the ability to save/load checkpoint configurations.
  • Create Table functionality.
  • Create List functionality.
  • Create TOC functionality.
  • “Level Up” moves a child tag from its parent.
  • “Level Up children” moves all children tags to the same level of the parent.
  • Assign Linked Headers from Scope functionality.
  • Context-sensitive operations/menu items depending on the selected tag(s):
    1. Insert TR when a Table is selected,
    2. Insert Row Before/After, Insert Cell when a row is selected,
    3. Insert Caption, THead, TBody, and TFoot when a Table is selected,
    4. Insert Cell Before/After, Split row when a table cell is selected,
    5. Insert TOCI when a TOC is selected,
    6. Insert Reference, P, NonStruct, Lbl and TOC when a TOCI is selected,
    7. Insert LI when an L is selected,
    8. Insert LBody and Lbl when an LI is selected.

Release 4.2.6: More Robustness

New Features

  • CommonLook attempts to fix certain document structure corruptions when loading the document. CommonLook displays a message when it manages to resolve the problems and log the errors encountered in the CLF_Error.log file.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue that caused the Text Tags checkpoint not to be triggered under certain scenarios.
  • Resolved an issue when certain values in the metadata would cause problems in validation.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the file to be locked after running Verify and Remediate or Per Document Verification.
  • Resolved a random crash while loading the document in certain scenarios.

Release 4.2.5: Performance Enhancements

New Features

  • Major performance improvements of the Data Table checkpoint.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed installation issues when the operating system does not define the “Everyone” group.
  • Fixed an issue when certain type changes could lead to an error when saving.

Release 4.2.4: Expanded integration, selection options and new documentation

New Features

  • Mark remediated documents so they can be identified by CommonLook Clarity.
  • Detect documents generated using CommonLook Office 1.2.1.
  • Added two options for managing selection order in items selected by highlighting in the Physical View:
    • Logical Selection Order (default): elements are selected (and hence ordered when they are dragged and dropped or cut and pasted) according to their sequence in the Logical View.
    • Physical Selection Order: the elements are selected (and hence ordered when they are dragged and dropped or cut and pasted) according to their sequence (left to right and top to bottom) in the Physical View.
  • Completely rewritten user manual.
  • Compatibility with Windows 8

Resolved Issues

  • Annotations not associated with their correct page under certain circumstances.
  • Text duplication after applying changes when Artifact containers are nested.
  • Using the Section 508 mode with an untagged document gave inaccurate instructions to tag the document under Acrobat 10 and higher.
  • An exception was thrown while parsing documents in certain circumstances.
  • Text was displayed incorrectly in the Logical Structure Editor for certain fonts/encodings.
  • Applying changes corrupted text using certain fonts/encodings.
  • After failing to apply changes, highlighting elements was disabled.
  • The Width and Height attributes for Figures and Tables were sometimes set incorrectly, causing incorrect results when saving to other formats.
  • Generating Speak Text from the g&h Data Tables checkpoint caused speak text to be created for <TD> cells directly rather than for <Span> tags within the cell.
  • Removed the option to start in separate Content and Tags view. Only Merged View is available.
  • Addressed issues in cleanup and application activation.

Release 4.2.3: Workflow enhancements and bugfixes

The latest CommonLook PDF is smoother than ever before, with improved list handling and more HotKeys for even greater efficiency! We’ve squashed a number of bugs as well. Enjoy!

New Features

  • Prompt for the number of list items when inserting a new list.
  • Prompt for the number of list items when inserting a new list item.
  • When inserting a new list with a list item selected, the new list is inserted inside the list item.
  • Represent TOCs as lists and TOCIs as list items (and treat them exactly as lists)
  • Clear SpeakText in Verify and Remediate Tables and (g&h) Data Tables.
  • Updated report design.
  • New HotKeys:
    • Alt + 1: Convert selected tag to Heading 1
    • Alt + 2: Convert selected tag to Heading 2
    • Alt + 3: Convert selected tag to Heading 3
    • Alt + 4: Convert selected tag to Heading 4
    • Alt + 5: Convert selected tag to Heading 5
    • Alt + 6: Convert selected tag to Heading 6
    • Alt + 7: Convert selected tag to Paragraph
    • Alt + 8: Convert selected tag to Artifact (Container).
    • Ctrl + 1: Create an H1 tag as a shared parent to selected elements.
    • Ctrl + 2: Create an H2 tag as a shared parent to selected elements.
    • Ctrl + 3: Create an H3 tag as a shared parent to selected elements.
    • Ctrl + 4: Create an H4 tag as a shared parent to selected elements.
    • Ctrl + 5: Create an H5 tag as a shared parent to selected elements.
    • Ctrl + 6: Create an H6 tag as a shared parent to selected elements.
    • Ctrl + 7: Create a Paragraph tag as a shared parent to selected elements.
    • Ctrl + 8: Create an Artifact container as a shared parent to selected elements.
    • Ctrl + 9 Create a List
    • Ctrl + 0 Create a TOC

Problems Resolved

  • Setup complains that a newer version of VC++ redistributables already exists on the machine.
  • Highlighting an empty area from the physical view may cause an exception.
  • Required “P” attribute (indicating the Parent of the tag) is not set in the original document. CommonLook now resolves this issue while assigning tag IDs. Symptoms include not being able to delete a cell in g&h Data table.
  • Activation issues when system settings do not allow for collecting some metrics required for generating the System Information Key.
  • Fix Common Problems does not recognize repeated characters in multiple text runs.
  • Corrupted Speak Text/Alternative text when using an encoding other than ASCII.
  • Some table Caption tags caused the logical structure editor and verify and remediate to exit unexpectedly.
  • Merging documents may cause CommonLook to lose Linked Header association in tables.
  • Selecting from the Physical View with Tag selection mode may cause parent/child tags to be selected.
  • Selecting from the Physical View with Tag selection mode doesn’t automatically populate the properties panel.
  • Verify and Remediate Tables displays Artifact text in cell text and speak text.
  • Creating Artifacts as “Individual Parents” creates Artifact tags as opposed to Artifact containers.
  • Text is repeated in certain scenarios.
  • Artifact text (included in a table) appears inside the table when running Verify and Remediate Table.
  • Setup sometimes fails when Adobe Reader is used as the default PDF viewer (as opposed to Adobe Acrobat).
  • Fails to recognize tooltips when placed at the form field’s group level.
  • Fails to save the report when Internet Explorer 9 is installed.
  • Fails to physically delete annotations when deleted from the Logical Structure Editor.

Version 4.0: Lots of New Features!

If you’ve still using an older version of CommonLook PDF it’s time to upgrade! Version 4.0 streamlines and simplifies the process of Section 508 verification and remediation with some very powerful new features!

Automatic Verification

A new menu item (“Verify and Remediate”) has been added to the main CommonLook PDF plug-in menu. When a user selects this menu item, CommonLook PDF checks the document for Section 508 compliance and displays a list of identified compliance issues within the Logical Structure Editor. Compliance Issues can be either failures or items that require user attention.

Streamlined Remediation

As the user goes though each of the automatically identified issues, CommonLook PDF assists by displaying information and performing verification or remediation actions that are relevant to the corresponding Section 508 checkpoint. As each issue is addressed, CommonLook PDF removes it from the list.

Synchronized Logical Structure Checking

The user can navigate the document structure while simultaneously viewing the corresponding elements in the physical view. This structure navigation can be done automatically or one element at a time.

Streamlined Table Verification and Remediation

The user can select a table in the Logical Structure Editor and activate the table checkpoint window which provides various tools to verify and remediate tables.

Problems Resolved

  • Resolved activation issue for clients switching between wireless and wired network connections.
  • Fixed wording in the Script checkpoint.
  • Resolved issue in footer artifacts.
  • Added the ability to convert tags into artifacts and vice versa.
  • No need to click “Apply” in the properties panel. New value is applied as soon as the user “tabs out” of the field.