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CommonLook's Hybrid Approach

to achieving pdf accessibility

CommonLook recommends a hybrid approach to PDF accessibility.

Have CommonLook Services work on your critical documents that need to be done quickly and use a combination of CommonLook PDF and CommonLook Training to develop the capability to remediate documents using your internal resources.

PDF Accessibility: Problem Solved

PDF Validator software box

PDF Accessibility Checker

Test and validate documents against the leading accessibility standards

Provides users with a certification report for each tested document

Verifies and validates document compliance automatically

Customize checkpoints to each standard

View and Verify appropriate Metadata including Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Language, and Country

View the Tags tree to verify proper tagging and to verify logical reading order

Tag Properties panel conveniently displays the properties of any tag (alternative text, table summary, tooltip, etc.)

Test for, and allow the user to verify link annotation Contents (PDF/UA)

Test for proper assembly of Form tags

Allow the user to verify the accuracy of Table Summaries


Professional Remediation Software

PDF accessibility plug-in for Adobe Acrobat

Supports authoritative accessibility standards: PDF/UA, WCAG 2.0 AA, Section 508 and HHS

Ensures high-quality error-free remediation outcomes

Faster and more efficient than using Acrobat for accessibility

Automatically detects and repairs a variety of common PDF problems

Works with tags, tables, lists and more

Compare CommonLook PDF and Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Features

commonlook office product box

Create accessible PDFs from Word and PowerPoint

Provide vital accessibility information before generating a PDF file

Accessible table formatting for complex tables

Quickly identifies and helps fix accessibility compliance issues

Compare to MS Word

What Customers Say About CommonLook

CommonLook Office eliminates any excuses of time, deadlines, or complexity that have been used for not creating accessible PDFs up to now.

Peter Abrahams

Practice Leader – Accessibility and Usability

CommonLook PDF is truly an asset

Ellen Waldron
Food and Drug Administration

When we started our journey to make PDFs more accessible, we reached out to the experts – CommonLook... We made use of CommonLook's PDF Validator and consulted with them to ensure we were focusing our efforts on the areas that would have the biggest impact.

Dominic Mazzoni

Technical Lead, Google Chrome Accessibility

I am totally blown away by the functions and features.

Natalie C. Yarbrough 

Regulatory and Web Compliance Specialist, Communications
Peoples Health

By building this into Chrome, we’re hoping some organizations that already use HTML as part of their document workflow might be able to take advantage of this new functionality and generate compliant PDFs more easily.

Dominic Mazzoni

Technical Lead, Google Chrome Accessibility

Which CommonLook Solutions Are Best For Your Needs?

Your GoalDescriptionPDF ValidatorCL PDFCL DynamicCL ClarityCL OfficeCL AI CloudMonsido Web Scanning Tool
AffordabilityFree tool for all.
Adobe Acrobat IntegrationAdobe Acrobat Plugin
Verify and Validate PDF AccessibilityTests and validates documents against the leading accessibility standards.
Find PDF Accessibility Errors and Fix ThemEnables teams to rapidly test, repair and report on accessible PDF documents. A must-have for remediators.
On-Demand PDF AccessibilityA customizable accessibility solution for enterprises which are generating high document volumes.
Measure, Monitor & Track AccessibilityProvides compliance, remediation, and communications teams with the visibility they need to manage document accessibility from authoring through to distribution.
Accessibility for Word and PowerPointSimplifies the creation of accessible PDF documents directly from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint sources.
Remediation Using Machine LearningImproves speed and accuracy of PDF remediation services while learning from your existing documents.
Website Scanning ToolIdentifies and monitors website accessibility issues.