PAW workflow, described on this page.The CommonLook Office PDF Accessibility Wizard (PAW) is an add-in to Microsoft® Word that makes it possible to create accessible PDF documents. The tool allows content authors to run accessibility tests in the Microsoft Word environment and fix the issues encountered before conversion to PDF, thus greatly improving the accessibility of both Word and PDF documents.

Use of CommonLook Office does not require prior knowledge of accessibility. When saving a word document, click on Create NetCentric PDF from the PAW tab MS Word. CommonLook Office will lead you through your document in a tailored step-by-step process in which you review and address any accessibility issues that may occur.

The CommonLook Authoring Process

The CommonLook process assesses your document via accessibility checkpoints that correspond to Section 508 as well as a number of other key accessibility and usability checks. Click on the PAW tab in the Word ribbon and select Create NetCentric PDF, or alternatively select Save as from the Word menu and then select NetCentric PDF.

  1. Once CommonLook Office is launched, the PAW panel will be displayed to the right of the Word screen.
  2. The first checkpoint applicable to your document is displayed. Follow the instructions to complete the checkpoint.
  3. Click Next to continue to the next task.
  4. Once all tasks for the current checkpoint have been completed, CommonLook will continue to the next applicable checkpoint. Note that some of the checkpoints may require you to make changes to the Word document.
  5. Once all the applicable checkpoints for the current Word document are complete, CommonLook Office will generate an accessible PDF document.