“Row and column headers shall be identified for data tables. – §1194.22(g)
“Markup shall be used to associate data cells and header cells for data tables that have two or more logical levels of row or column headers. – §1194.22(h)

Why it matters

Tables are one of the most powerful and commonly-used means of conveying information in tabular (rows and columns) form.

EXAMPLE: Information is arranged in columns and rows, but the column and row titles (headers) are not announced before the data in the column is announced by assistive technology.
RESOLUTION: Use the property of table header and define the scope, so the title is read each time data from that column or row is read.

That said, if a PDF’s table structure is wrong or fails to accurately represent the table on the page, many AT users will be locked out of gaining any meaning from the content.

Ensuring the accuracy of table structures is a major responsibility when verifying PDF files for accessibility. With the Table Editor, it’s also an area in which CommonLook PDF excels.

What happens when I verify this Checkpoint?

While much of the remediation functionality can be accomplished in Checkpoint (d) Readability using the Logical Structure Editor, this checkpoint simplifies the remediation process and allows you to focus efforts on tables if necessary.

The checkpoint will automatically be assigned a status of Not Applicable if no table tags are detected.

For a table to pass this checkpoint, each data cell (<TD>) must be associated with at least one header cell (<TH>).  All header cells must be marked as headers, their scope must be assigned (column or row), and column and/or row spans must correctly correspond to the physical view of table.  Depending on the complexity of the table, linked table headers may be necessary.  

When to Pass or Fail this Checkpoint?

PassThe content marked as a table is a correctly structured data table.
FailThe table is not correctly structured.
RemediationLaunch the table editor and remediate the table.

Checkpoint Type

This checkpoint is partially automated. It displays for any page that contains tables.

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