“A method shall be provided that permits users to skip repetitive navigation links. – §1194.22(o)

Why it matters

While repetitive navigation links are a common occurrence on web pages they are relatively uncommon in the PDF format.

EXAMPLE: The same navigation links are repeated on each page.
RESOLUTION: Provide a means (for example, a “Next Page” link) allowing the repetitive links to be bypassed.

In general internal navigation links in PDF may be eliminated in favor of bookmarks.

What happens when I verify this Checkpoint?

This checkpoint automatically assigns a status of Not Applicable to any document pages that do not contain links.

If links are detected users will be prompted for a Pass, Fail or Not Applicable judgment on the question of whether or not the links are repetitive navigation links. If they are, a method must be provided (such as an appropriately tagged position skip-to-next-page link) to enable screen readers and other assistive technologies to skip these navigation links. 

When to Pass or Fail this Checkpoint?

Pass Links on the page are repetitive (ie, they are repeated page-after-page, or target the same location) but a method has been provided for assistive technology to skip them.
Fail Links on the page are repetitive and no accessible means of skipping them has been provided.
Not Applicable Links on the page are not repetitive.
Remediation Typically, return to the author for an improved and accessible design, or delete the repetitive links.


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