“When a timed response is required, the user shall be alerted and given sufficient time to indicate more time is required. – §1194.22(p)

Why it matters

Scripts sometimes require that a user complete a form within a certain period of time. Some users require more time to review the dialog, check reference materials, or for other reasons.

EXAMPLE: A form requires a response within 1 minute.
RESOLUTION: Ensure the script allows the user to extend the amount of time allowed.

This checkpoint automatically assign a status of Not Applicable to any page that does not contain scripts or applications.

What happens when I verify this Checkpoint?

If a script or application is detected this checkpoint will prompt the user for a judgment of Pass, Fail or Not Applicable. The user must determine whether the script or application generates a timed response requirement, and that if so, there must be a means of requesting and receiving additional time. The checkpoint will automatically be assigned a status of Not Applicable if no scripts or applications are detected.

When to Pass or Fail this Checkpoint?

Pass The page contains script(s) that require a timed response yet users are given a means to indicate that more time is required.
Fail The page contains script(s) that require the user to perform a timed response and the user is not given sufficient time or a means to indicate that more time is required.
Not Applicable No script or applications detected.
Remediation Typically, return to the author for improved and accessible scripts.


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