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Accessible PDF files are made possible by a feature of PDF known as “tags”, as in “Tagged PDF.”

Tags organize PDF content so that text, tables, lists, images and so on are presented to assistive technology users in a usable way.

There are two ways of making tagged PDF:

  • When the PDF is itself created, some software (notably, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, CommonLook Office) can generate tags automatically.
  • For an untagged PDF, tags may be added using the Add Tags feature in Adobe Acrobat Professional.

The purpose of CommonLook PDF is to help ensure PDF files are correctly tagged. If your starting point is an untagged PDF, it’s necessary to “Add Tags”  before using CommonLook PDF to quality-control the file for accessibility purposes. 

To Add Tags in Adobe Acrobat Professional

Acrobat 9Acrobat XAcrobat XI
Acrobat 9 Add Tags. Acrobat X Add Tags. Acrobat XI add tags.

Add Tags from the Tags Panel

Another option is to select the “No Tags Available” message and then right click to access the “Add Tags to Document” option.

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