Viewing Accessibility Verification Results

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Accessibility Verification Results

When existing CommonLook PDF at the end of a verification process the plug-in presents a window allowing you to preview the accessibility report for the file at this point. Use the page number selector at the top of the results panel to view the results from a specific page, or click “Save” to save the report to disk.

Verification results dialog.

Saving the Accessibility Report

Saving the results as a verification report creates files in both HTML and MHTML formats. The report includes a summary of verification information:

  • The number of pages in the PDF document
  • The number of accessibility checkpoints verified
  • The total number of checkpoints identified for accessibility review (tests)
  • The total number of checkpoints with an accessibility status of “Failed”
  • The total number of checkpoints with an accessibility status of “Passed”
  • The total number of checkpoints with a status of “Not Applicable”

You may notice that the total number of failed, passed and not applicable checkpoints do not add up to the total number of tests. This circumstance arises when a page has multiple items (and thus, checkpoints) for a single test.

EXAMPLE: The (a) text tag checkpoint is run on a page that includes several photographs. A different status applies to each element because some images include alt text and some do not.

Following the report summary are two tables:

  • The first table contains a detailed list of all the tests performed ordered by page number and then by the checkpoint.
  • The second table describes each checkpoint present in the report.

Example interim verification report.

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