This section provides a reference for the various checkpoints in use in this version of CommonLook PDF.

Currently developed and organized to ensure compliance with the in-force US federal regulations (Section 508, 1194.22), version 4.2.4 of CommonLook PDF makes it easy to conform to other standards as well. This reference indicates how CommonLook PDF implements each of the Section 508 regulations via checkpoints.

Section 508 1194.22 Checkpoints

The current Section 508 regulations for accessibility in electronic documents were designed for HTML and must be interpreted to fit the PDF format. Since the regulations went into effect in 2001, a broad consensus has developed in the industry around how Section 508 is to be applied to PDF documents and forms.

This section sets out each of the Section 508 regulations and indicates how the requirement is addressed via CommonLook PDF checkpoints.

State of Oklahoma Checkpoints

State of OK icon. CommonLook PDF Oklahoma Edition includes modified and some additional checkpoints based on State of Oklahoma Information Technology Accessibility Standards (OK ITAS) published in 2005.

The following checkpoints include information or features specific to CommonLook PDF Oklahoma Edition:






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