Easing the Transition from CommonLook PDF 4 to CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess

Duration: 1 Day.


This course is designed to help current CommonLook PDF 4 users to smoothly transition to using CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess (Standard or Advanced versions).


GP-101 – CommonLook PDF Basic and GP-201 – CommonLook PDF Advanced

Course Concepts

The following topics will be addressed in this class:

  • Fixing Reading Order 
  • Creating/Converting/Merging Tags
  • Images and Figures – Alt. Text, Artifacts, etc.
  • Working with Simple Tables – Creating, Editing, Merging, and Linearizing
  • Creating Lists
  • Creating Links
  • Splitting Text Runs
  • Changing Languages in a Document
  • Using “Tag Similar”
  • Using “Find and Replace” for Tagging and Alt. Text
  • Tagging Forms
  • Verification of Standards Compliance
  • Metadata
  • And More!

There will be a break for lunch and two shorter breaks during the day.


$795 per student

More Information

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