Duration: 1 Day


The PDF GlobalAccess Advanced class is designed for CommonLook users who have taken the PDF GlobalAccess Basic Training course and would like even more advanced knowledge and mastery of the software.  This course teaches advanced features and functions in both the Standard and Advanced versions of CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess.


GP-100, GP-101, GPC-101, OR GPC-BR


Course topics will include:

  • Metadata
  • Verification
  • Dealing with Complex Tables – Linking Headers and Redesigning
  • Tagging Captions on Tables and Figures
  • Handling Content that Spans Multiple Pages
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Dealing with Role Maps – Viewing, Editing, and Converting
  • Splitting Text Runs
  • Changing the Language in a Section of a Document
  • Tagging Advanced Forms
  • Using “Tag Similar” for Smart Tagging
  • Advanced Uses of Find and Replace
  • Searching for Tags by Type and/or Attribute and then Working with the Tags (Merging, Converting, Untagging, etc.)
  • Automatically Generating Bookmarks
  • And More!

There will be a break for lunch and two shorter breaks during the day.

More Information

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