Duration: 1 Day


This class is designed for CommonLook PDF users who have taken the Basic PDF Remediation course and would like even more advanced knowledge and mastery of the software.


GP-100, GP-101, GPC-101, OR GPC-BR


Course topics will include:

  • Metadata
  • Verification
  • Dealing with Complex Tables – Linking Headers and Redesigning
  • Tagging Captions on Tables and Figures
  • Handling Content that Spans Multiple Pages
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Dealing with Role Maps – Viewing, Editing, and Converting
  • Splitting Text Runs
  • Changing the Language in a Section of a Document
  • Tagging Advanced Forms
  • Using “Tag Similar” for Smart Tagging
  • Advanced Uses of Find and Replace
  • Searching for Tags by Type and/or Attribute and then Working with the Tags (Merging, Converting, Untagging, etc.)
  • Automatically Generating Bookmarks
  • And More!

There will be a break for lunch and two shorter breaks during the day.

More Information

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