Duration: 2 Days


This course is designed to give users of CommonLook PDF the tips, tricks, and tools to fully develop their understanding and mastery of the software.  To maximize the investment made in CommonLook PDF, we highly recommend this course!

No prior knowledge of CommonLook PDF, accessibility or compliance standards is required.


Course topics will include:

  • Introduction to PDF and Accessibility
  • Introduction to Compliance Standards:  Section 508, WCAG, PDF U/A, and HHS
  • Introduction to Screen Readers
  • Document Analysis/ Devising a Remediation Workflow
  • Fixing Reading Order
  • Images and Figures – Alt. Text, Artifacts, etc.
  • Working with Simple Tables – Creating, Editing, and Linearizing
  • Creating Lists
  • Creating Links
  • Tagging Forms
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Verification of Document Compliance
  • Metadata
  • And More!

This class provides multiple documents and ample practice time to thoroughly teach and solidly reinforce each concept.  Upon successful completion of the course and the certification exam, students will receive confirmation of their mastery at the basic training level.

There will be a break for lunch and two shorter breaks during each class day.

More Information

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