Introduction to PDF Tagging

P102: Basic Remediation in Adobe Acrobat

Duration: 1 day.


This course is intended for content managers and authors who want to learn the basics of PDF tagging using Adobe Acrobat along with an introduction to advanced tools such as CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess. The training includes a hands-on portion to ensure trainees gain a good understanding of the key accessibility techniques. No prior knowledge of accessibility or Section 508 is required.


The instructor will provide an overview of PDF, Accessibility, the tags and content views and Acrobat and CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess techniques. In the hands-on portion, the trainees will go through a number of PDF documents and use the Acrobat and CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess techniques to test them for Section 508 compliance and remediate compliance issues.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • PDF Overview
  • Accessibility Overview
  • Applying Section 508 to PDF
  • Tag and Content Views
  • Acrobat Techniques:
    • Accessibility Checker
    • Touch Up Reading Order
    • Table Editor
    • Tags and Content Trees
  • CommonLook Techniques:
    • Accessibility Checkers
    • Basic Remediation Concepts
    • Verification of Compliance
  • Hands-On Remediation of Documents

There will be a break for lunch and two shorter breaks during the day.


$795 per student

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