PDF Accessibility and Compliance

CommonLook Automation SolutionsAccessibility built into your document lifecycle/workflow

CommonLook develops accessibility solutions designed to be easily integrated into CCM systems. Seamless APIs provide a process that ensures accessibility compliance on-demand.

Many organizations are searching for accessibility solutions for the documents that are generated by their internal systems. These systems are often complex, have complicated workflows and are tightly integrated. The result is that traditional document accessibility solutions are not a good fit as the files cannot wait to be manually remediated using tools such as CommonLook PDF. As a result, these files are often inaccessible, leaving a company at significant legal risk of non-compliance.

Fortunately, CommonLook has a solution that can ensure documents are accessible and compliant with the standards and maintain the integrity of your proven systems and workflows.

AI API Input: Post-Production, Non-Compliant PDF, High volume applications. AI API Output: Accessible PDF files, QA option for full Compliance, API for integration into workflow. Dynamic API Input: Pre-Production, Dynamic layouts and Variable Data, High Volume applications. Dynamic API Output: 100% Compliant PDF Files, Compliance Audit Report, API for integration into workflow. Clarity API Input: PDF files for testing compliance. Clarity API Output: compliance audit report, API for integrating testing into workflow. Manual Remediation API Input: One-off (low volume), Non-Compliant PDF Files, API for integration into workflow. Remediation API Output: 100% Compliant PDF Files, Compliance Audit Report.

Four Unique Automation Tools

As companies shift from printing and mailing of statements, invoices, policies and other volume documents that are generated from these systems to multi-channel delivery systems, you need a solution to ensure that PDF documents that are delivered by mobile, web or eDelivery methods are tested and tagged for accessibility before distribution.

Before these important customer-facing documents are delivered, you need to be sure they are properly tagged and tested for accessibility compliance.

Many existing systems will add accessibility tags to a statement, but how do you know the file is accessible and works well with assistive technology?

Unfortunately, many organizations feel they have this under control but still face many accessibility issues with these documents. CommonLook provides four unique tools under what we call CommonLook Automation.

Each of these tools can be accessed by an API for seamless integration into your backend systems and to ensure that the existing workflow is not affected. CommonLook has tools to handle the four needs that we are hearing from customers that are looking to bring in accessibility to their volume-generated documents.


Sample workflow shows incoming document, document digitized and processed, analysis, save as PDF. PDF is dropped into multi-channel delivery. Digital delivery and storage can use one of CommonLook's four APIs.

Testing and Tagging

For testing files in an automated setting, we can use our CommonLook Clarity in an API version that allows files to be tested on the fly for accessibility compliance. For files generated from templates, CommonLook Dynamic can be used in an API version to produce the fully accessible and standards-compliant PDF as part of the workflow. Files that have already been created as a PDF can be tagged post-production using our CommonLook AI technology, either as an API or Cloud application. Finally, for files that need to be tagged that do not fit into a volume production environment, they can be sent to our remediation team for professional tagging and testing via an API for ease in integration into your workflow.

Flexible Solutions

CommonLook’s solutions provide for tagging of PDF documents for eDelivery or Archive for high volume documents using CommonLook AI or Dynamic. For the testing of documents for accessibility compliance using CommonLook Clarity. CommonLook Service is our on-demand remediation service for one-off documents that are not automated.

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