CommonLook-office Product Page

IMPORTANT: Before installing CommonLook® Office, please ensure that the workstation meets the following minimal requirements.

Workstation Requirements

  • Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • MS Word 2007, 2010 or 2013
  • MS PowerPoint 2007, 2010 or 2013 (not required for CommonLook Office for Word)
  • Windows Internet Explorer version 6.0 (SP1) or higher


CommonLook Office comes in 32 bit and 64 bit variants. You need to use the correct installer for your version of Microsoft Office:

Download CommonLook Office for 32-bit Microsoft Office.

Download CommonLook Office for 64-bit Microsoft Office.

You can contact Sales ( to obtain the software on CD.


ADVISORY: The installation MUST be performed while logged in to Windows as a user with Administrative Privileges on the local machine.

Run self-extracting zip file CLOffice1_2_6x86.exe or CLOffice1_2_6x64.exe. You will see the following dialog. To continue with the installation, please select Yes.

WinZip dialog.

After selecting Yes to the above dialog, the files needed for CommonLook Office 1.2.6 will be extracted. Once the extraction process is completed, CommonLook Office Setup will start. Select Next in response to the following screen:

CommonLook Office splash screen.

The Setup will bring up the NetCentric Software License Agreement. Please make sure you read and agree with the Agreement before you continue. If you do not agree with the terms of the License Agreement select Cancel to abort the installation. If you agree with the terms of the Software License Agreement check the I Agree radio-button and click Next.

Screen-shot of license agreement dialog.

Click Next in response to the Welcome Screen below:

Screen shot of setup wizard.

The Select Installation Folder screen gives the user the ability to specify the target folder for the software installation. You can keep the default value (recommended) or specify a different installation path. To install CommonLook Office for all users on the current machine keep the Everyone radio-button checked. This is particularly important if you are logged on using an account other than the regular machine user’s account (e.g. Administrator installing for Desktop user). Click Next.

Screen-shot of select installation folder dialog.

At this stage, all information needed to install CommonLook Office has been collected. The installer will bring the Confirm Installation screen. Click Next to start the actual file installation:

Screen shot of confirm installation dialog.

Once the installation is completed, the Installation Complete screen will be displayed. Click Close.

Screen shot of installation complete dialog.

Note: If you are upgrading an existing installation of CommonLook Office you are now ready to run. You don’t need to follow the next section (CommonLook Activation).

CommonLook Office Activation

Run Microsoft® Word 2007 or later. There should be a new Ribbon Tab for CommonLook Office (if you cannot see the CommonLook Office tab close all instances of Word and start it again).

Select the CommonLook Office Ribbon tab. With any Word document open (if none is available create an empty test document and save it), click on the Create CommonLook PDF button.

CommonLook Office will bring up the following dialog to confirm with the user the Licensing Model. This Guide describes the Single Key Installation. For Concurrent Model Installation, please refer to the [[Installing-CommonLook-Office-Concurrent-License Concurrent License Installation Guide]].

Licensing model dialog.

Select the Single Key radio-button and click OK. The following message will appear prompting the user to enter the Product Key:

Set product key dialog.

Enter the Product Key from your webstore receipt or as provided to you by your NetCentric Sales Representative and click OK to continue. The following dialog is displayed:

Get activation key dialog.

In order to activate your instance of CommonLook Office, CommonLook Office will need to acquire an Activation Key. The Activation Key can be automatically fetched from NetCentric License Server over the Internet (recommended), or it can be sent to you using email.

Internet Activation

To activate over the Internet, keep the Get Activation Key through the Internet radio-button checked and click OK. CommonLook Office will contact NetCentric License Server and perform the Activation and Validation. If successful, CommonLook Office will start and you will see the CommonLook Office panel.

Email Activation

To activate via Email, select the Get Activation Key via E-mail and click OK. The following dialog will appear (The value in the System Information Key field will be different as it is unique to your workstation and Product Key combination).

Email activation dialog.

Copy the value in the System Information Key field of the above dialog and email it to You will shortly receive the Activation Key via email.

Once you receive the email containing your Activation Key, please copy and paste it into the designated field in the above dialog and click OK.

If successful, CommonLook Office will start and the CommonLook Office panel will appear.

Installation/Activation Issues

If you encounter any issues during the installation/activation, please email Try to include as many details as possible (screenshots are also very helpful). Our Support Team will contact you promptly to assist you in handling any issues.