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This document provides information on obtaining, installing and activating the CommonLook Office License Server and CommonLook Office License Manager.

ADVISORY: Ensure you have administrative privileges before attempting to install the CommonLook Office License Server.


The CommonLook Office License Server manages desktop distribution of CommonLook Office site licenses. It should be installed by IT administrative personell on a server which is exposed to all users in the organization.

Complete installation and activation of the CommonLook Office License Server is required before distribution of CommonLook Office to desktop users should be attempted.


The CommonLook Office License Server is installed in two components; Server and the Manager. These may be obtained directly from NetCentric’s server at the following locations, and must be installed in this same sequence:

Download CommonLook Office License Service Server.

Download CommonLook Office License Manager.

Alternatively, you can contact NetCentric Sales ( to obtain the software on CD.

License Server & Manager Installation

First, double click on the CLOfficeLicenseService1_2.exe  to run the self-extracting executable. The installation files will unpack and the installation process will start.

Depending on your environment, setup may also install the following components:

  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client Profile

The Specify Service Port dialog appears.

Service port dialog.

Unless there is a good reason to do so, leave the value for the port at default. Otherwise, modify the port number and make note of its new value as you will need to communicate it to end users installing CommonLook Office.

Continue following the prompts to complete your installation.

NOTE: If the server has a firewall installed ensure that end users clients can still connect to the service port.

License Manager Installation

After installing the LIcense Server, install the License Manager application.

Double click on the CLOfficeLicenseServiceManager1_2.exe file. Follow the prompts to complete your installation.

Activation Instructions

To activate CommonLook Office License Server, please follow these instructions.

Click Start -> All Programs -> CommonLook Office License Manager. The following screen will appear:

License Manager dialog at start.

Click New Activation. The following screen appears:

New Activation dialog.

Selecting Activation Method

Activating by Internet

If you have a current internet connection choose By Internet and click the Activate button.

Activating by Email

If you do not have a current internet connection or would prefer email records of your activation, select By Email. A value will appear in the System Info field. Copy this value and send it to NetCentric support as indicated.

Once an Activation Key is provided, paste it into this dialog and click the Activate button.

Upon successful activation, the following screen appears:

Activation successful dialog.

Using CommonLook Office License Server

Once the CommonLook Office LIcense Server and Manager are installed you may start the CommonLook Office License Manager at any time to enable end user activations of CommonLook Office.

The Activity window will show server start, stop and end-user activation events as well as the number of available desktop licenses and the time remaining.

Activity dialog.