Washington, DC – This year, NetCentric Technologies is proud to be one of the sponsors for the Information Professionals for Oklahoma Fall Conference October 7-8, 2013.  Formerly the Oklahoma State Webmanagers Group, the IPro Conference is specifically created for local and state government webmasters.  The IPro Conference centers its topics of interest on information pertinent to state agencies, city government and services, institutions of higher education, corporations and developers interested in skill building.  The practical solutions covered throughout the IPro conference are taught by design, development and web experts.

NetCentric is sending their very own Document Accessibility Expert, Dave Herr, to participate in the conference as well as lead the session on PDF/UA standards and solutions for organizations to achieve accessible PDFs.  Dave Herr has worked in the Information Technology scope for over 25 years and has experience in a range of roles including IT consulting and directly working for IT organizations. With his experience in the accessibility industry, Dave notices a growing trend of more and more companies making efforts to become accessible every day.  His advice for newcomers to the accessibility industry and may not know what to expect: 

“Clients need to ensure that they are dealing with experienced and reputable companies.  NetCentric has specialized in PDF accessibility since 2006 and is considered a leader in the [accessibility] field.  My recommendation is that even if you have very limited resources, you need to make an attempt to start publishing accessible content, even if this is just for a few documents.”

Look out for “Introducing PDF/UA and Solutions for Accessible PDF in State Government and Higher Education” after lunch on October 7th of the IPro conference.  Dave will touch on PDF/UA standards and the upcoming section 508 refresh of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and can answer your questions on accessibility.  To learn more about Information Professionals for Oklahoma please visit www.ok.gov/oswg and be sure to connect with Dave Herr before, during or after the Information Professionals for Oklahoma Fall Conference.  Check out the many generous sponsors of the Information Professionals for Oklahoma Fall Conference IPro Conference October 7-8 .  


Dave Herr
Document Accessibility Consultant
NetCentric Technologies


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