Duration:  Time Frame varies.  See description below.


This course, arranged in three levels, is designed to give select members in an organization the same level of PDF remediation training and expertise, using CommonLook PDF, that the NetCentric CommonLook trainers possess, so that they may become their organization’s “corporate trainer.”   

Prerequisite Courses

PW: PDF Remediation Workshop


Level 1 – Students will participate in a rigorous week long training program receiving hands-on assistance and using a challenging series of exercise files to attain the content knowledge necessary to work with and to teach the use of CommonLook PDF.  The week long training will end with the student taking the CommonLook PDF Certification Exam. 

Level 2 – Student(s) will observe the P101 and P201 (basic and advanced CommonLook PDF) classes taught by the NetCentric trainer to observe class content presentation, format, and technique.

Level 3 – The NetCentric trainer will attend the first “round” of classes (basic and advanced CommonLook) that the new “corporate trainer” presents to their colleagues.  Assistance will be provided as needed during the classes and feedback on the course presentation will be given afterwards to assist the “corporate trainer” in their own content development and presentation. 

More Information

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