Ensure PDF Documents and Forms are Compliant

More organizations are becoming concerned with achieving accessibility compliance while the digital documents rapidly accumulating on websites everywhere.

Our verification and remediation services provide an accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective way to achieve accessibility with Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA 1.0 and HHS compliance for public-facing, popular or large volumes of PDF documents and forms.

With CommonLook® professional remediation services, you get complete confidence. The CommonLook Report is your ironclad guarantee of full compliance with Section 508 or WCAG 2.0.

Accessibility Remediation and Verification
Accessibility Remediation and Verification

Document Accessibility Requires Specialized Expertise

We are laser-focused on document accessibility and compliance.

Unlike complementary vendors which promote only website accessibility, our experts make sure that every aspect of PDF content handling is addressed, from artifacts to z-order. Comprehensive, fully documented results are delivered through our structured methodology and proprietary technology.

Why Choose CommonLook?

Achieve the highest accuracy and quality of accessible documents through CommonLook.

What makes our documents verification and remediation services reliable?

  • Specialized in document accessibility and complex projects
  • Accessibility remediation services and software solutions are available
  • Proven processes and technology, refined through hundreds of customer engagements with accessibility requirements
  • High volume remediation capacity to rapidly transform digital assets, and reach compliance
  • Only CommonLook software and Adobe Acrobat are recognized by W3C for PDF accessibility remediation
  • I find the service excellent. They pay attention to the details and the turnaround times are quick. I’d add that they are friendly and easy to work with.

    Lisa Burrell, Digital Project Manager Pacific Gas & Electric Company

CommonLook Verification and Remediation Service Includes:

  • Scan, identify, and fix accessibility issues in document holdings

  • Review and correct the logical structure of the file

  • Check and correct tables, including tagging/redesigning complex tables

  • Review, and create alternative text if necessary

  • Fix Content Order view to enhance use on mobile devices

  • Review, verify and fix script functionality

  • Review form elements and address accessibility issues

  • Test each document with one or more tags-aware assistive technologies

  • Ensure the document passes Adobe’s Acrobat Accessibility Checker

  • Provide a Section 508, or a WCAG 2.0 AA conformance certificate for each document

CommonLook also offers software tools to help automate the accessibility testing and remediation.

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