Photo of someone typing on a computer screenCommonLook professional services provide true confidence: the CommonLook Report, an ironclad guarantee of compliance with Section 508 or WCAG 2.0.

Our approach addresses each and every aspect of PDF content handling, from artifacts to z-order, in a completely structured and methodical manner. CommonLook allows us to deliver comprehensive, fully documented results.

Our PDF Remediation service includes the following:

  • Run CommonLook PDF GlobalAccess on each document, identify and fix accessibility problems
  • Identify and correctly handle scanned documents (OCR, complete OCR correction and tagging)
  • Review and correct the logical structure of the file, including verification of tabbing order
  • Check and correct tables, including proper tagging of complex tables using Linked Headers or logically redesigning the tables if necessary without changing the physical view
  • Review alternative text, provide if necessary
  • Correctly mark headings, lists, references, footnotes, end-notes, and Tables of Contents
    NOTE: While a best-practice, these CommonLook checkpoints exceed current Section 508 requirements
  • Fix Content Order view to enhance usage on mobile devices or others that are unaware of PDF tags
    NOTE: While a best-practice, these CommonLook checkpoints exceed current Section 508 requirements 
  • Review scripts; verify and fix inaccessible script functionality (for example, functionality dependent on the mouse)
  • Review form elements; fix known accessibility issues with radio buttons
  • Optionally, convert “Print then Fill” forms to “Fill and Print” forms
  • Properly tag callouts and other annotations, including links
  • Test each document with at least one type of tags-aware assistive technology
  • Ensure the document passes Adobe’s Acrobat Accessibility Checker
  • Generate a CommonLook Section 508 or WCAG 2.0 AA conformance certificate