Image of a woman holding a calculator Think about the variety of pages in the world; the variety of possible PDF pages. In our business, variety means complexity.

Some PDFs are no more than simple paragraphs of text generated from a Word file. But others are newsletters, or include scientific equations, or invoices. Some are magazine layouts, or scanned pages. Not all documents are simple vanilla paragraphs of text, and not all PDFs are created equal.

We actually mean two different things by “complexity.”

  • The physical structure of the PDF document. Is it a well-made PDF file, or is the content internally disorganized and fragile? Are the pages from an electronic source such as Quark? Are they scanned pages?
  • The logical structure of the document. Does it contain lots of footnotes, images without alternative text, complex tables or forms?

Cost depends on the complexity of the PDF documents in both categories.

Since we rely heavily on automated tools in our testing and remediation, our prices are typically lower while reliably providing the highest quality output files available in the industry.

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