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PDF Accessibility: Problem Solved

CommonLook is a global leader in electronic document accessibility, providing software products and professional services enabling faster, more cost-efficient, and more reliable processes for achieving compliance with the leading PDF and document accessibility standards, including WCAG, PDF/UA and Section 508. CommonLook's product family makes the creation, remediation and management of accessible PDF and Microsoft Office documents easier than ever before and its services ensure best-in-class remediation results as the only provider of a comprehensive Section 508 or WCAG compliance certificate for each remediated document.

The Cost of Non-Compliant Documents

If your website has public-facing documents, then they need to be digitally accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. CommonLook offers a set of accessibility software tools that can help make your website and other digital assets (that host digital documents, like PDF and Word) digitally accessible to everyone.

CommonLook PDF Validator vs. CommonLook PDF: Their features and differences

Unlike other PDF verification products, PDF Validator provides users with a certification report for each tested document. Communications and compliance specialists can rest assured that their PDFs are compliant with accessibility standards. With other verification products, it’s not uncommon that documents will pass the tests, but still not be accessible and compliant. CommonLook PDF enables teams to produce high quality remediated documents, quickly and efficiently. It simplifies and accelerates remediation tasks while injecting a methodology into the remediation process. This functionally rich solution is the premier choice for industry professionals concerned with ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.