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Installing and Activating the CommonLook PDF License Server

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have administrative privileges on the server before you attempt to install the CommonLook PDF License Server.


Download the CommonLook PDF License Server from the following link:


Alternatively, you can contact NetCentric Sales ( to obtain the software on CD.

CommonLook License Server Installation

The installation MUST be performed while logged in to Windows as a user with Administrative Privileges on the local machine.

Double click on the CommonLookPDF-LicensingServer2_0.exe file. The following message box will appear:

winzip -licenseserver

Click Yes. This will unzip the file and start the installation process.

Depending on your environment, setup may also install the following prerequisites:

  1. Windows Installer 3.1
  2. Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client Profile

Once all prerequisites have been installed, the following Welcome screen will be displayed. Click Next to move to the next step.

Setup Welcome Screen.

Click Next.

The Select Installation Folder screen is displayed to give the user the ability to specify the target folder for the software installation. You can keep the default value (recommended) or specify a different installation path.

To install CommonLook License Server for all users on the current machine keep the Everyone radio-button checked. This is particularly important if multiple Administrators will be using the software. Click Next.

Select Installation Folder

At this stage, all information needed to install the CommonLook PDF License Server has been collected. The installer will bring the Confirm Installation screen. Click Next to start the actual file installation:

Confirm Installation Screen.

Once the installation is completed, the Installation Complete screen will be displayed. Click Close.

Installation Complete Screen.

Activation instructions

Once the Close button is clicked, the CommonLook License Manager window is displayed:

 License Manager dialog.

The CommonLook License Manager allows the user to view and manage the license, including:

  • The License Key (provided by NetCentric)
  • The Activation Key (Retrieved automatically by the CommonLook License Manager when user activates via the Internet, or provided by NetCentric and entered manually by the User when user activates via Email)
  • Activation Information (Calculated by the CommonLook License Manager)
  • The Days of Expiry FE, what is this, actually? “Days until Expiry” I guess? or “Total Days of License”? and Maximum CommonLook PDF instances

The CommonLook PDF License Server user may also:

  • View connected clients (Active CommonLook PDF instances) (does this mean “already activated” or “currently online”?
  • View the status of the CommonLook PDF License Server, and start or stop the service.
  • View Version information for this installation of the CommonLook PDF License Server.
What are the offline usage rules? IE, if a concurrent user is offline, how long can they go before the server must “see” them again? I may not document it to the letter, but I need to know how to set expectations.


The Installation Process automatically launches the CommonLook PDF License Manager, where the User can enter the License Key and perform the Activation. If the CommonLook PDF License Manager is not running, start it by selecting (Start Menu ►All Programs ►NetCentric ►CommonLook PDF License Server ►CommonLook  PDF License Manager)

Enter the license key provided by NetCentric in the License Key field and click on the Activate button. The Specify Activation Method window appears.

Internet Activation

If a connection to the Internet is available, we recommend that you select the “Get Activation Key by Internet” option, as it is faster and more convenient. If you choose to follow this option, click OK.

Email Activation

If a connection to the Internet is not available, or if your department policy forbids Internet activation, select the “Get Activation Key by Email” option and Click OK. The following screen will appear (Your System Information Key will contain a value unique to your machine).

Screen that appears after Activate by Email option

Select and copy the value in “Your System Information Key” field and email it to ( FE, pls confirm. Your support representative should email you your Activation Key promptly, which you should enter into the “Enter your Activation Key” field in the Window above. Click OK.

Managing the License Server

Upon successful Activation, you will be directed back to the License tab of the CommonLook License Manager.

The Days to Expiry and Maximum Licenses should contain values specific to your license purchase.


Please verify these values meet your expectations; contact your NetCentric representative for any discrepancies.

The Server Tab

The Server tab shows the CommonLook License Service status (Online/Offline), and provide the ability to start or stop the license-management service.

If the Server Status is Offline (See Figure Below), Click the Start button to start the Service. Note the value of the Server IP Address field in the upper right corner of this tab. It shows the IP Address of the Server (actual value is specific to your environment). Take note of this field as you will need to enter it during the Client Component installation process.


Once the Server Status is Online, and the Days to Expiry and Maximum Licenses (on License tab) contain valid values, the CommonLook Section 508 Plug-in® for Adobe® Acrobat® clients can run and acquire licenses from the CommonLook License Server. The Clients tab contains up-to-date listing of connected clients.