It is our hope that the sample PDF document and the Quick Start Guide get you up and running successfully with the CommonLook PDF Global Access software.  With a little bit of practice, we are sure that the steps outlined in this guide will become second nature and remediating documents will become a much faster, efficient, and easier task than ever before.

Also, please keep in mind that this Quick Start Guide is designed to get you started using CommonLook PDF Global Access.  To get the most from your software investment, we strongly encourage you to attend one or more training classes where even more features, tips, tricks, and tools are taught in even greater depth.  Please refer to the training page on the CommonLook webite, contact your account executive, or email training@commonlook.com for more information on our various training opportunities.

We wish you all the best in your remediating projects!

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Index of steps by Quick Start Number (QS-Number)

Page 1 – Getting Started

Page 2 – Heading Levels

Page 3 – Figures, Images, and Artifacts

Page 4 – Tables

Page 5 – Fixing Reading Order

Page 6 – Removing Empty Tags

Page 7 – Lists

Page 8 – Compliance Verification

Page 9 – Closing Comments