The Issue: (QS-5)

Scrolling back up to the top of the tag tree, underneath the H1 for the title, there is a <Figure> tag that contains the black lines on the page directly below the title.  Figure tags are used to contain images that convey important information (logos, some charts, etc.) and, because a screen reader cannot read the actual image, the <Figure> needs to have Alternative Text assigned to it.  However, the black lines here do not convey any important information and we do not want a screen reader to read “thick black line,” for example.

The Solution: 

  1. Select the <Figure> tag,
  2. Press the Delete key on the keyboard, or if you prefer, right mouse click and select untag

Note:  The Delete key in CommonLook PDF Global Access does not actually delete content.  Instead, it is the keyboard shortcut to “artifact” (untag) content so that it will not be read by a screen reader.

Screen shot showing the Figure tag in the tag tree, the associated images in the physical view - thick black boundary lines across the page between two sections - and the Context menu open showing the Untag option.

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