As tags are created, merged, content is moved from one tag to another, or when content is untagged, empty tags may be left behind in the Tag Tree.  Empty tags can corrupt a document, making it inaccessible, so it is important to remove empty tags every so often when remediating a document.  To remove empty tags, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on any tag,
  2. Scroll to “Cleanup.”  There are two options:  A full cleanup will delete all empty tags including empty table cells.  This is fine unless the document contains tables with empty cells used for “placeholders.”  The second option, to “Skip empty cells,” will delete all empty tags except empty table cells.  Seeing as there are not any empty table cells needed for placeholders in this sample document…
  3. Choose Full Cleanup.

Screen shot of the context menu showing Clean up and the options for Full clean up or to skip empty cells.

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