Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington works with employers, employees, and individual members to offer health plans and insurance. It serves more than 651,000 members in the state. It is an entity of Kaiser Permanente, a leading not for profit health care plan serving 11.8 million members.


Kaiser traditionally relied upon a small inhouse team to handle all PDF accessibility remediation requirements. Over time, as the volume of PDF documents needing accessibility remediation increased, demands on the inhouse staff climbed. Particularly challenging, was their Provider Directory, a 300-page document which is updated and remediated on a monthly basis.

Gretchen Hollet, is a Project Manager in Kaiser’s 30-person marketing and communications team. A key responsibility is ensuring the organization maintains compliance with the Section 508 accessibility standards. There is an ongoing requirement to remediate new PDFs each month, many of which are distributed on the website. Ms. Hollett anticipates a continuing rise in the number of documents needing remediation.


Six years earlier, marketing team management opted to look for an outside vendor who could provide contract document Section 508 remediation services on an ongoing basis. A key requirement in choosing an outsourcing partner was to ensure that document turnaround times were short and consistent. In the end, they chose CommonLook. Since then, they’ve successfully relied on this vendor to help meet their document remediation requirements.


Today, all of the communications documents of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington are remediated by CommonLook. In the future, there are expectations that more PDF documents will need remediation.

Ms. Hollett points to some key reasons for the success of the outsourcing relationship with CommonLook. “They meet their deadlines. I mean that’s the most important thing when you are working on this, especially for something like the Provider Directory. We are required to have it updated and remediated every month. With CommonLook, it’s a process that works.”

Tallying the Benefits

  • Heavy workload and demands on internal staff to remediate documents reduced or eliminated.
  • Strong working relationship developed with outside vendor (CommonLook)
  • Seamless and smooth process ensures that documents, from basic to 300 page directories are remediated on time and on budget.
  • Outsourced service from CommonLook is ready to meet increased future demand for remediated documents.

They meet their deadlines. I mean that’s the most important thing when you are working on this. With CommonLook, it’s a process that works.

Gretchen Hollet,

Project Manager
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington