The Toolbar and Ribbon

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The Quick Access Toolbar  Screen Shot of the Quick Access Toolbar in CommonLook PDF Global Access.

The Quick Access Toolbar at the top left corner of the screen:  (The numbers in the screenshot correspond with the List Item below describing the purpose and/or function of each button.)

  1. Quick Save – Saves changes made to the document.
  2. Save and Close – Saves the changes and closes CommonLook PDF.
  3. Undo – Reverses the previous remediation step(s) up to the most recent save.
  4. Redo – will redo remediation steps that have been incorrectly undone.
  5. The File Dropdown arrow
    1. Show below/above the ribbon – moves these buttons below the ribbon.  If the buttons are below the ribbon, then the option to move them above the ribbon will be available.
    2. Minimize the ribbon – this is a toggle to go back and forth between showing or hiding the ribbon.  With the ribbon hidden, the toolbar tabs are still available.

The Tabs on the Ribbon

The screenshot below shows the tabs on the ribbon.  They are:  Insert Tag, Convert Tag, Settings, Windows, and Operations.  These tabs will be discussed in more detail on subsequent pages.

Screen shot of the Tabs on the Ribbon in CommonLook PDF Global Access. In order, the tabs are File, Insert Tag, Convert Tag, Settings, and Windows.

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