CommonLook Clarity Product Box

CommonLook Clarity analyzes PDF files found on websites, in both networked and local folders, to reveal their accessibility status.

As a result, the software provides a way for organizations to effectively ensure their PDF files are accessible to users with disabilities and in compliance with US Section 508 regulations. Beyond Section 508, CommonLook Clarity provides information to help drive efforts to achieve conformance with other accessibility standards such as PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0.

In addition, a variety of reports may be generated to express the information CommonLook Clarity gathers from PDF files for reporting, cross-referencing, archiving and other purposes.

Use CommonLook Clarity to quickly and easily identify PDF documents that fail to meet Section 508 standards, identify files that require human verification, or identify files already checked with CommonLook Office or CommonLook PDF. This information not only helps to define the scope of work necessary to achieve conformance with applicable accessibility standards, but also aids in tracking the progress towards that objective.

Also, more advanced uses of CommonLook Clarity provide the means of directing accessibility-directed authoring, training and remediation efforts across the enterprise.

CommonLook Clarity comes in three distinct editions: Clarity Desktop, Clarity Verification, and Clarity Web. Differences in the implementation of the three editions are noted in this manual where applicable.

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