CommonLook Clarity Verification and Desktop Editions

Start the CommonLook Clarity Manager and provide your Windows login credentials.  While running CommonLook Clarity does require a Windows login, administrative privileges are not required except for scheduling tasks.

The login screen is the first screen displayed after launching CommonLook Clarity Manager.

Login dialog.

CommonLook Clarity Web Edition

To start using CommonLook Clarity, using Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1) or later, navigate to the URL provided by NetCentric at the time of your subscription to Clarity Web.  Then, enter the user name and password (also supplied by NetCentric) and Click OK.

CommonLook Clarity Verification Edition (running SQL Server)

Enter the same server database’s login credentials you entered when installing the software. Click OK to start CommonLook Clarity.

Typical Activities

A typical CommonLook Clarity session may involve the following activities:

  1. Define a Verification Domain:
    Specify a website or network drive to be scanned
  2. Define a Verification Task:
    Set the options and schedule the scan, including automatic repeats
  3. Configuration:
    Set detailed configuration options for advanced operation
  4. Generate Reports:
    Set options for six types of report generated by CommonLook Clarity

Navigating the User Interface

Each “Tab” in CommonLook Clarity (Status, Verification Domains, Tasks, etc.) exists in their own window. Certain windows may only refresh if closed and then reopened.

The rest of this manual introduces you to each of the administration and application functions available in CommonLook Clarity.

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