Informational icon Clarity Web Edition: The layout of the user interface for Clarity Web Edition is different than the screen shots below but the functionality description is applicable to all Clarity editions, including Clarity Web, unless noted otherwise.

The Active Report searches and sorts test results based on accessibility criteria selected from the CommonLook Clarity database. PDF file names in the Report are hyperlinks.

Save and share CommonLook Clarity Active Reports with CommonLook PDF users for efficient manual testing, verification and remediation of PDF documents.

When running the report, you need to specify the following:

  • A Verification Domain
  • Selection Criteria
    You can select PDF files meeting one or several criteria (e.g. Number of pages > 10, Number of Tables >= 1, Number of Figures >= 1, etc.).
  • Display Criteria
    Select the information you want to include in the report.
  • Sort Criteria
    You can specify how the report’s data is sorted on a per field basis.

Active Report dialog.

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