Informational icon Clarity Web Edition: The layout of the user interface for Clarity Web Edition is different than the screen shots below but the functionality description is applicable to all Clarity editions, including Clarity Web, unless noted otherwise.

The configuration feature allows customization of Tasks with a variety of parameters, including:

  • Control which checkpoints to use in automated testing.
  • Use Regular Expressions to set criteria for alternative text assessment.
  • Whether to ignore previous verification with CommonLook Office or CommonLook PDF.

By default, CommonLook Clarity will test all Section 508 checkpoints.

Create a New Configuration

Click on the Configurations button, and then click the New button.

Configurations button.

To begin, check Create a New Checkpoint Configuration and select the DEFAULT configuration.

Configuration dialog.

Ignore previous Verification scans by selecting the “Ignore previous verifications” checkbox.

You may add or remove Section 508 checkpoints by highlighting them and clicking the arrow buttons to move them between the “Available” and “Selected” columns.

To review and change detailed configuration options, click on the desired checkpoint to update the properties window. As of this version of CommonLook Clarity the following options are available:

(a) Text TagsManage alt. text quality via Regular Expressions.
User verification required to ensure alternative text is adequate. (Default is True)
(b) MultimediaNo user verification required (assume all media files are accessible). (Default is False)
(c) ColorUser verification required to ensure that color is not used to convey information. (Default is True)
(d) ReadabilityOptional settings allowing override of automated readability checks with a PASS:

  • None (default) Fails untagged content, user verification required for reading order and semantics.
  • Generating application (identify via Regular Expressions)
  • Untagged elements (acceptance percentage).
  • Either 2 or 3.
(e) Server Image MapsSet resolution of IsMap scan (Default is 10 pixels)
(f) Client Image MapsNot applicable
(g) and (h) TablesRequire row headers in addition to column headers (Default: False)
(i) FramesNot applicable in PDF
(j) FlickerUser verification required to ensure scripts or multimedia are accessible. (Default: True)
(k) Text OnlyNot applicable
(l) ScriptsUser verification required to ensure scripts are accessible. (Default: True)
(m) Applets & PluginsUser verification required to ensure multimedia annotations are accessible. (Default: True)
(n) Electronic FormsNo configurable options
(o) Navigation LinksUser verification required to ensure all links are not repetitive, or if repetitive, may be skipped. (Default: False)
(p) Time DelaysUser verification required to ensure all scripts and applications do not require a timed response. (Default: True)

Note: Color Representation and Compliance Weight are not used in this version of CommonLook Clarity.

Deleting a Configuration

Click on the Configurations button. All defined configurations are displayed.

Select the configuration to be deleted and click the Delete button.

Editing a Configuration

Click on the configurations button. CommonLook Clarity displays all defined configurations.

Select the configuration to be changed and click the Edit button. Make your changes, then Save.

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